Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Adventures In Alcohol Inks - A bit more info...

I guess I should have explained myself a bit better...I've had several e-mails asking where the class I am teaching is going to be at.  

The class I'm "teaching" isn't really a real-live event, it's an on-line class hosted at Scrapbook News & Reviews art hub - The Art Studio.  Here is a direct link to the class...  Adventures in Alcohol Inks. It's a huge class with many many techniques and LOADS of examples. 

The class is $29.99 which I know sounds like a lot but it works out to less than $1.00 a technique not including a lesson on the materials associated with AI's; a lesson sharing what the inks look like on a variety of surfaces and a AI gallery which has over 50 different examples.

Basically you buy the class, then the class will be shared in increments so you can work a bit on one section then move on.  It's not like some classes that expire, once you buy it you will have access to it from here on out.  So, if you can't finish it right now, the lessons will be there for you when you can finish.  No worries about deadlines or having to print everything out.

I think that answers all the questions ~ hope that helps!

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