Tuesday, December 18, 2012

25 Ideas for the Holidays - #15 Origami Money Christmas Tree

If you've visited for a bit then you know I like to mess around with origami.   It is so much fun to see what you can come up with in a few simple folds.  Well, today I have a fun one for you that will make giving money a bit more fun....

Origami Money Christmas Tree




1.   Fold the dollar in half length ways.

origami Money Christmas Tree 002

2. Unfold then fold the dollar in half.

origami Money Christmas Tree 004

3. Now fold approximately 2/3rds of the top folded bill down and crease.

origami Money Christmas Tree 005

4. Fold the corners of the 2/3rd fold in toward the center leaving a 3/4" space between the two as shown.

origami Money Christmas Tree 007 origami Money Christmas Tree 008

5.  Now open up the little ears you just made and fold the bottom flaps in towards the center so the ears now form a triangle.  Crease the flaps as shown...

origami Money Christmas Tree 009

6.  Once both of these flaps are folded towards the center and you have two little triangles where the ears used to be you will now see the trunk of your tree!

origami Money Christmas Tree 010 origami Money Christmas Tree 011

7.  Fold the top two corners in so they meet at the original center crease.  This is very similar to making a folded airplane.

origami Money Christmas Tree 012

8.  Now fold each side in again as shown.  This is how I make a paper airplane into a jet.

origami Money Christmas Tree 013 origami Money Christmas Tree 014

Flip it over and you've got your Christmas Tree!!!

origami Money Christmas Tree 015

How fun is that?
I'll be there are lots of people on your list that would like a Christmas Tree like this one ;)
It's also a great way to give tips to waitresses, hair dressers, delivery people, etc. 
I'll bet it will put a smile on their face when you give it to them and NOT just because it's money.

Ho Ho Ho
ONE WEEK till Christmas!!!


  1. Wow, can't believe you posted this right when I need to figure out a clever say to give some money gifts to my nephews! I didn't want to just write a check, but this is perfect! I'll have to design a card to display these little trees (maybe using double-sided removable tape). Can't wait to get started!!

  2. Very cute! I hadn't seen this before! I like it!

  3. This is so cute--I wish I saw it before I mailed my nephew his "flat" gift!

  4. Wow. I wish all my ONE dollar bills looked like yours! tee hee


    PS Can you tell I'm catching up with posts!@


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