Monday, September 17, 2012

Altered Pages Headdress Challenge - Steampunk Rose

Hi Everyone....

Remember a couple of weeks ago I posted a few sneak peek photos of an upcoming challenge at Altered Pages?   
Well I can finally reveal the challenge and my entry!!!
(Mom actually guessed it correctly!!)

The Challenge:  
Create a headdress!
First members of the AP DT are going to make a headdress - the readers get to vote for their favorite and that person wins a goodie. 

THEN - YOU and all the other AP friends get to make and enter a headdress and the DT will vote on a winner and that person will win a goodie :)

To Vote for your favorite headdress hop on over to the
Altered Pages Challenge
 (Voting starts tomorrow - 9-18-12)
Sounds like fun huh??

What is a head dress?  
Per Merriam-Webster :  an often elaborate covering for the head.
Leaves it pretty wide open for interpretation huh? 
Your imagination can run wild with all of the options out there...
and so I ran with it and created this....
Steampunk Rose
Supplies: Paper Mache Top Hat; Black Acrylic Paint; Old Clock Parts, Faces, Timing Springs, Gears, Hands; Silk Roses & Buds; Old Necklaces (for the hang-y down parts); Black & Silver Tulle; Vintage Rhinestone Pin; Chipboard Flourish; Gold German Glass Glitter; Chipboard Gears; Copper Foil Leaf; Feather; Burgundy Ribbon; Gold Buttons; Gold Bullion Wire; White Feather Wing & An Ostrich Feather

Yes, I did take a pic of me wearing it....

Remember to cast your vote here - AP Challenges
(Voting starts 9-18-12)


Let your creative muse take you away to create your very own headdress!


  1. Oh my WOW! That is fabulous! I love it!

  2. how awesome is this!!! It has so many wonderful details!

  3. What a wonderful hat! I love it!

  4. OMG that is Fabulous! You really outdid yourself with this one. Absolutely gorgeous job! Thanx so much for sharing it. Love, Love, Love it! ;)


  5. You know I love this Roni!!! It's wonderful!

  6. You look marvelous Darlink'!!!

    I hope you win!! I'm voting for you that's for sure!

  7. Roni, this is wonderful--all the great steampunk style details, along with those ropes of pearls and rose, very fine!



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