Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Charm Swap Update....




Yes, I spent the last two days swapping every one's charms out and I must say things went extremely well :)  I am now in the process of tucking in pins, safely packaging things up for the trip home and addressing return envies/boxes.  Tomorrow a.m. I will work on adding postage to everything and hopefully have it all ready to pop in the mail box by the time our mail lady gets here...  If not I'll take 'em up to the PO so they will go in the mail tomorrow afternoon.

Now for a few Charm Swap Facts....

General Charm Group - 31 Participants & 268 Charms!

Halloween Charm Group - 27 Participants & 210 Charms!

This was a very exciting swap as the participants were spread out over a larger area....  There were participants from not only the US but we also had charming individuals from Sweden, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand!!  Very cool to see the charms from around the world :)

I do hope that all of you enjoy the charms you receive
hope to see your creativity in future charm swaps!!

I will start posting photos of the charms next week after the mail has had a chance to get where it's going.


  1. Oh you are so good to do this for us!

  2. Wow! 478 charms. The amount of inspiration in the palm of your hands, lucky you to see them all at once. Now sorting them out to 58 different folks all over the globe..that's an amazing feat. Thanks for hosting it.

    I'm excited to see all the pics.

  3. Sounds like you had quite the job sorting and swapping them all, but it also sounds like a LOT of fun!! Thanks for doing it! Now I cannot wait to see what's inside my little package when it gets here.... I am hoping Saturday if they get mailed anxious little crafter I am! And I'm very much looking forward to all the pics you'll post!

  4. WOW that's a lot of charms! Looking forward to seeing what everyone created.


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