Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ouija Board Charm - Shrink Film Tip for Back of Charm

With the charm swap deadline less than a month away, I am in full charm making mode.  I have been having such fun creating lots of different charms and today I wanted to share a neat tip I came up with today to help make the back side of your charms almost as nice as the front!

Much of the time when you get a charm made from shrink plastic the back side isn't much to look at.  Sometimes you get some clever crafty stamper who stamped both sides of the charm which is totally awesome. BUT when you print an image from your ink jet printer on the shrink plastic the only way the charm is going to dry is to shrink it.  So you don't have the option of flipping the shrink plastic over to stamp on the back without risking damage to the printed image. I ran into that very problem with some charms I made for the Halloween group of the swap.  I had a couple really cool images I wanted to turn into charms BUT no way to really help the back sides....

ouija board charms 003

Ugly huh?  I know...I'm a messy crafter but I can't help it.  As careful as I try to be I usually get something on the back. Well, I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with something to help the back sides of these charms and I finally figured it out....  I love to edge my shrink film charms with one of my Krylon Leafing Pens so I figured I'd give it a try on the back side and here's what I did.....

I knew I wanted something wood grain because the real thing is usually made from wood so I started off by drawing a rough oval or two somewhere on the back of the charm.  I then drew lines from the top to bottom surrounding these ovals until the entire back of the charm had been covered.   Ta Da... instant wood grain!

ouija board charms 004

Wanna see the front of the charm?!?!?

If you're in the Halloween group and want to be surprised, better not scroll down....










Ouija Boards!!!

ouija board charms 005

Now, you would never catch me "playin" with one of these suckers in real life... I have in the past and let me tell you, they are so not a toy and you just never know who's on the other end.  It's nothing to mess with! But, that being said they are way cool looking and fit the Halloween theme oh so very well!  I'm really tickled with how they turned out and I hope the folks who receive one of these charms will enjoy.

Grafix Shrink Film - White
Computer Generated Image
Jewelry Findings


  1. Those are cool!! And I'm lovin' that faux wood grain on the back...just have to remember that tip!


  2. These are wonderful Roni!! I really love how you came up with a great solution to the back of them. It looks like real wood grain.

    Elaine Allen

  3. Love both sides! Awesome! I'm with you, I wouldn't go within a mile of a real board!

  4. Omy gosh, I only hope I end up with one, if I may be so covetous in public, LOL!

  5. Love them! Great idea with the gold leaf pen! I share your views on the Ouija boards. ;)

    Thanx so much for sharing.


  6. Amazing!!!! Love, love it:)

  7. Oh my heck! Those are FABULOUS! I can't wait!

  8. I so agree about the not wanting to play with the Ouija board comment! The charms looked pretty cool, tho! I like the idea of doing something on the back!

  9. Wonderful technique for the wood grain and oh my goodness, these charms are fabulous!!

  10. cool! Love this technique for the creation of the wood grain!

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