Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Twisted Wire Spiral Charm

Hey All!

Man is it ever hot here today...97 was supposed to be the high but we passed that a couple hours ago!  We normally don't get weather like this until August... The weather this year is so messed up, I wish I knew what was going on. 

Today I wanted to share a fun do it yourself charm ~

Twisted Wire Spiral Charm

I wanted something that looked like this part DH had in his pile going to the junk yard.  I'm not sure what the part was but it had lots of cool looking wire all wrapped together with another wire twisted around it all in a spiral - hence my name for it :)

You start off by bending a piece of wire about 2" long.  If it's easier for you to work with you can cut the 2" piece of wire off of the spool but I like to keep it attached to the spool.  I think it's easier to work with if left whole.

Hold a skewer about 1/2" in from the end of the wire and wrap the 1/2" tail around the skewer and secure it to the strand of wire.  Repeat on the other end of the bent wire.  You should now have a piece of wire about 1" long with loops on both ends. 

  Wire Sprial Charms 001

Now begin wrapping wire around the center portion of your charm.  You want these coils to be as close as possible covering all of the wire beneath it as shown in the photo.

Wire Sprial Charms 002

Once you reach the other end of the charm, wrap the wire around the end twice then work your way back to the other end by wrapping the wire in an open spiral as shown.

When you get to the other end of the charm wrap it twice, snip off the wire spool and tuck the sharp end beneath one of the end spirals.

Wire Sprial Charms 003

I made two different sizes here but you could make them any size you wanted. 
I had a thought after I made these but haven't had a chance to try it yet...  Create your base for the charm in one color then use a different color wire to make the spiral!  I'm thinkin' silver and copper would make a super contrast.

Wire Sprial Charms 004

Now you're all set to finish off your charm.  You can hang whatever you like from one end and use the other to attach it to a pin, necklace, bracelet, etc.  You could even make several of these charms and use them as links to make your own necklace or bracelet!

Twisted Wire Charm 002

So there you go.... a fun, quick and inexpensive charm idea!


  1. Hey there Roni
    haven't been by in a while. You are always up to many interesting things and this is truly another great idea.
    It is unbelievably HandH here, I know what you mean.
    Take care, Lesley♥

  2. Very neat!!! I love the look of wrapped wire and this is so cool! Thanks Roni:)


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