Friday, April 27, 2012

Mom ATC #1 - Lumiere Halo Background Technique

Since we have the tin made it's time to fill it with ATC's!

I have printed all of my sentiments and images, got them cut out and ready to go...

Mom ATC 1 001

Now I have to admit today I had so much fun playing I forgot to take pics!!

This paper was created using Jacquard's  Lumiere Halo Pink Gold (#555) metallic paint.  This stuff is awesome, it's got a dusty pink color with a pale gold shimmer mixed in.  I don't know how they do it but it's amazing. 

To create this paper I simply squeezed a small amount of the paint onto my non-stick craft mat.  I then took a damp sea sponge and pounced it into the paint. Next, dab the paint over the entire surface of cardstock.  If you want a deeper color you can continue to layer on the same or additional colors.

NOTE: The tiny bit of water in the sponge will help create the bubbly look on the cardstock. 

I wish I could somehow show you the gold shimmer hidden in the pink.  It is really stunning in person.

Mom ATC 1 002

I then added my sentiment, image and other embellishments.

Mom ATC 1 003

Next week we'll continue making several more ATC's to tuck into the tin...
Be sure to stop back in and see what comes next!

Have a super weekend everyone!!


  1. Love it! Pink Halo is amazing!

  2. Great ATC!!! I started my tin but I need to hide it because my Mom is coming up to spend the weekend getting inky with me! YAY!

  3. your ATC looks amazing! can't wait to see more!!

  4. Is that a sink she's washing at because those pearls almost look like bubbles coming up out of the sink. She's no ordinary mom!


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