Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Get Inked Kit - A Day at the Fair!

Before I get to this months kit ~ I've gotten several requests to share how I made the backgrounds I used on yesterday's card.  I am working on getting them around and will post the first tomorrow and the other two next week :)

Now, on to this month's Get Inked Kit....

I know I always say I'm excited about this months kit so I guess this month is no different.... I don't know about you but I LOVE going to a fair!  Almost every town in Indiana both big and small has some sort of fair... Starting in May all the way through October there is usually one going on somewhere.   I'm sure if you're like us you have your favorites that you try to hit each year, my favorite is the State Fair down in Indy.  The sights, smells,'s a wonderful way to spend a day!

Well, this month I thought I'd kick off the fair season with this fun kit honoring this wonderful tradition!

Here are the stamps.....

GI - April 12

And here are a few examples I made using them!
All of the directions for these projects are included as well as a couple Momento ink pads (blue & red) with the kit stamps.

If you're interested in purchasing this kit please feel free to e-mail Vicki

GI - April 12 1

And here is a closer look at each project...
GI - April 12 12

GI - April 12 2

GI - April 12 5

Now, if you'd like to win a set of the stamps for this months kit,

Tell us all the name of your favorite fair or which part of the fair is your favorite part....

My favorite fair as you know is the State Fair but my favorite part of that fair is all the animals and GREAT food!
You know Hoosiers will fry anything so it makes for some great eats - LOL!!

You have until 4-24-12 to post a comment to be entered to win!

Good Luck Everyone
Have a great Day!


  1. I love fairs!!! My favorite part is the tractor pulls, especially when I'm competing in my little mini super stock! And yes, I do gloat a little when I have a good day and beat up the boys! LOL!!

  2. I love the food! There is always some new signature deep fried item....although I partial to the traditional hand cut homemade french fries.

  3. I love our MT State Fair in Billings! I love watching the rides at night...all of those pretty lights, and the food! I love eating funnel cakes, and ice cream and corn

  4. I love my lil county fair its so fun...I would have to agree about the animals and the awesome food! my uncle shows his pigs every year and has pulled pork sandwiches :) mmmmmmm

  5. I grew up in Oregon and loved the State Fair in Salem! When I married my husband we moved to Montana..(Missoula area) and a new Fair came into my life! Since Montana is so large there are several State Fairs. Some day I'd love to go to all of them! I love seeing all of the exhibit halls and eating my way from one end to the other!!

  6. Wow, this new stamp set is probably my favorite so far! I love that ferris wheel! I used to go to the State Fair every year when I was in college and my favorite part is the animal barns!! One year I got to see a calf being born!

  7. Your card has such a great, nostalgic look!
    I love the Los Angeles County Fair. The fair became part of our adult children's favorite memories which included petting the animals and lots of ice cream!

  8. I use to love going to the Cotton Carnival. It sounds small, but it not. My favorite part were the games.

  9. I adore the exhibits. I love to see the sewing projects and the fruits and vegies that have been entered for prizes!

  10. I live in Indy and go to the state fair every year. I help my Painting chapter sell tickets to the quilt we have all painted blocks for. I'm sure you've seen our quilts! My favorite fair "thing" is the atmosphere and the aromas! So much fun to people watch and so much food to choose from!

  11. I have to go back....WAY when I was a kid. The closest thing to a fair for us was the carnival that came and set up in our city park! I loved two things...the merry-go-round (because I didn't get sick riding it!) and cotton candy! Sweet memories for me from my childhood!

  12. My favorite fair is the Platte County Fair in Missouri. It's a 4 day fair in July each year with demo derbies, baby contests, fiddle contests, talent shows, queens, exhibits, animals, dancing and everything in between. It's the longest continuous running fair west of the Mississippi. These stamps would be great for fair people like us!

  13. I love the corn dogs and the cinnamon buns,but my favorite part is watching my kids get so excited about the "scary" rides! It takes me back to when I was a kid at the very same fair here with my parents. Good times!

  14. nice projects Roni! so much fun:) we have a town called durham, therefore it's called the durham anyways that's my favorite...the best part about this fair is the fried dough, the cool cows and the fireworks! it;s so big you have to take a shuttle bus to get to the grounds..but so worth it!
    have a super weekend:)

  15. What a fabulous stamp set! I love that banner you made on the card and all the nostalgic fair images. I've been to a number of county fairs, and also the state fair. My favorite part are the exhibits of quilts, crafts and woodwork. I love to see that people are still working with their hands and making something unique and personal!

  16. I love fairs... but they dont start around my part of NC until Sept and October. My favorite has to be the Dixie Classic... 2nd largest in NC behind the NC State Fair. Your new stamps look great!!

  17. We don't have fairs in Australia but we have agricultural shows, my favourite is what we call the Bega Show in a neighboring town. It is actually the Far South Coast National Show, sounds flash. I love the pavilion exhibits, the cooking, produce, crafts and flowers.
    I also love the fairy floss and dagwood dogs (battered frankfurt on a stick, deep fried), the show is the only time I eat them. LOL
    Thanks for the chance to win this great stamp set.

  18. Fun stamp set! My favorite fair was the WI State fair in Milwaukee, WI. They made the best and biggest cream puffs with fresh cream! Dairy state you know. LOL I do enter projects in my local Lake Cnty FL fair which ends today. Too hot down here for summertime fairs. :D

  19. What a great set and I LOVE your examples! My favorite part of the fair, easy, the rides!

  20. It has been years since I have been to the fair, but my favorite one was always the Afton Fair in upstate NY. And my favorite part? The smells of all the food when walking through.


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