Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Proof that Spring has Sprung here in Indiana....

Imagine my surprise this morning when right outside our door was a sure sign of spring and that Easter is on it's way....

Spring Bunny 001

Mr. Bunny surveying the yard, I'm sure looking for a bit of clover to eat - lol...  
 He stayed there quite a while just basking in the sun. 

Spring Bunny 004

Spring Bunny 005

Spring Bunny 006

After he hopped off I decided to go take a few pics of some flowers blooming in the front yard as well....

This is my double daffodil...

Spring Bunny 008

regular daffodil
Spring Bunny 010

and there were even a few grape Hyacinth peeking out here and there...
Spring Bunny 011

such a lovely time of the year!


  1. Lucky you! I'm hoping Spring arrives here soon! Congrats on Altered Pages DT.

  2. He's a handsome bunny. Love your daffodils! I miss them here in FL.

  3. He won't eat the daffodils, but he will everything else in the flower beds - watch out!

  4. Thanks for the lovely reminders of spring!

  5. Wow, he looks like a good and healthy wabbit. And he's posed just like the Lindt chocolate bunny! hehe


  6. The Easter Bunny came to see you early!!

  7. Awww, isn't he/she adorable? Your flowers are beautiful. God has surely made beautiful things for us to enjoy!


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