Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy March!!

Flower: Daffodil & Jonquils
Zodiac Signs: Pisces / The Fish, Feb.19 - Mar. 20 - Aries / The Ram, Mar. 21 - Apr. 19
March Birthstone: Aquamarine, Bloodstone - Meaning: Courage

Month Long Observances

American Diabetes Alert Month
American Red Cross Month
Bell Pepper Month
Berry & Cherry Month
Broccoli Month
Cabin Fever Month
Deaf History Month
Dolphin Awareness Month
Ethics Awareness Month
Family Fun Month
International Science Month
International Women's Month
Irish-American Heritage Month
National Craft Month
National Frozen Food Month
National Kite Month
National Optimism Month
National Peanut Month
National Umbrella Month
National Women's History Month
Youth Art Month

 Weekly Observances

 Week One

Autograph Collecting Week
Bike Week
Celebrate Your Name Week
National Camp Week
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week
National Pancake Week
National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week
National Procrastinators Week

Week Two

Bubble Gum Week
Camp Fire Boys and Girls Week
Girl Scout Week
National Agriculture Week
Universal Women's Week

Week Three

American Chocolate Week
International Goof-Off Week
National Anonymous Giving Week
National Art Week
National Spring Fever Week
National Wildlife Week
Straw Hat Week

Week Four

National Second-Hand Shopping Week
National Spring Fever Week

Daily Observances & Holidays

March 1

Go Bowling Day
National Pig Day
Peanut Butter Lover's Day
Share a Smile Day
Witch Hysteria Day
World Compliment Day

March 2

Cat in the Hat Day (Dr. Seuss’s B-day)
Dress in Blue Day
National Banana Cream Pie Day
Old Stuff Day
World Book Day

March 3

I Want You To Be Happy Day
Peach Blossom Day
National Anthem Day

March 4

Cadbury's Chocolates Birthday (debut 1824)
Hug A GI Day
National Pound Cake Day
International Scrapbooking Industry Day

March 5

8 hour day (Australia's Labor Day)
Dr. Doolittle Day
St.  Piran’s Day

March 6

Fun Facts About Names Day
Namesake Day
National Chocolate Cheese Cake Day
National Frozen Food Day
Oreo Cookies Day

March 7

Cereal Day
Monopoly Game Birthday 1933
National Be Heard Day
Unique Names Day

March 8

International Woman’s Day
National Peanut Cluster Day
Popcorn Lover’s Day

March 9

Barbie Day
Get Over It Day
Panic Day

March 10

Genealogy Day
Mario Day
National Blueberry Popover Day

March 11

Daylight Savings Begins
Johnny Appleseed Day

March 12

Girl Scout Day
Napping Day
Plant A Flower Day

March 13

Ear Muff Day
Good Samaritan Day
Ken Day (Barbie’s Ken)
National Ag Day
Uncle Sam's Birthday (1830)

March 14

National Children's Craft Day
National Potato Chip Day
No Smoking Day (UK)

March 15

Brutus Day
Buzzard's Day
Ides of March
True Confession Day

March 16

Goddard Day
Lips Appreciation Day
St. Urho's Day

March 17

St. Patrick's Day
Corn Dog Day
National Quilt Day

March 18

Awkward Moments Day
Sun-Earth Day

March 19

National Chocolate Caramel Day
Poultry Day
Swallows Return To San Juan Capistrano day

March 20

1st day of Spring
Alien Abduction Day
National Ravioli Day

March 21

Memory Day
National Flower Day plus National Flowers
National French Bread Day

March 22

As Young As You Feel Day
International Day of the Seal
International Goof-Off Day
World Day for Water

March 23

National Chip and Dip Day
National Puppy Day

March 24

National Family Day
National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

March 25

Pecan Day
National Sleep Day
National Waffle Day

March 26

Make up your own Holiday Day
Robert Frost's Birthday

March 27

Photography Day
Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day

March 28

Greatest Show On Earth Day (Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey)
Something On a Stick Day

March 29

Knights of Columbus Founders Day
Mule Day (3-29 through 4-1)
National Mom & Pop Business owners Day
National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

March 30

No Homework Day
Pencil Day (1858)
Take a Walk in the Park Day

March 31

Oranges & Lemons Day
Tater Day

Now to celebrate March tell me your favorite thing about Spring.... could be the weather, the flowers peeking out of the ground, the Easter candy in the stores... anything!

My favorite part of spring is GREEN!!!  After so many months of brown grass, brown snow, brown bushes, brown everything I'm so ready for some green! 

You have until .... March 17th to post your comment to be entered to win!



  1. There are so many things, but I guess my faavorite would be knowing that school is almost out for the summner (I'm an aide). Of course there is that "green" thing, too. And to think that I used to not like green...

  2. you got me there with the easter candy! I love me some chocolate eggs! I would have to agree with you on Green too!

  3. A couple of things come to mind - no more -40 weather and I love the first bunch of lilacs my daughter brings me.

  4. I love seeing my stubborn daffodils poking up through the snow!

  5. In Oregon "green" is normal for me but the daffodils, crocus and other flowers are blooming now! I love so many of the celebrations you listed here, I can't begin to list them all! Bring it on March!!

  6. My favorite color is green! I find the spring so inspiring as there are so many different gorgeous colors of green everywhere. For the past few weeks I see bits of green peeping out in my gardens as my mini daffs are getting ready to bloom and I cannot wait to see them once again.

    Also I see it is going to be National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week ... time to start baking. ;)


  7. March is such a great month, I too love the green that starts to pop out in March. My most favorite things are that my husband AND daughter were both born in March, what a great celebration for me!!

  8. March is also National Music in our Schools month. As a former music teacher, I always had to do a concert during this month to celebrate it.

  9. My favorite part of March is the warm weather and the end of winter! Yay for flowers and grass!
    And of course, Easter candy in the stores is always a plus!

  10. For me it's the more wearing coats!
    stamping sue

  11. My favorite thing about spring is change. Fresh air, colors, sounds and warmth, everything changes.
    Sue from Colorado

  12. There are lots of things to love about Spring; the new baby animals and birds, all the new leaves and blossoms on the trees, of course Easter eggs and hot cross buns....

    But my favourite thing about March itself has to be my birthday!!! Lol

    Charli x

  13. Flowers and warm weather! I have to wait another 6 months! lol

  14. I love the spring lambs~they are so stinking cute and hard to resist!

  15. My favorite part of Spring is when my daffodil bulbs start blooming and I see some Robins poking around in the yard! Next I love it when the red bud tree and dogwoods start to bloom... I'm in NC so those trees are everywhere!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!