Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vintage Postcard Sunday - New York State - "water"

I remembered to dig out some postcards today!! 

This week we'll be traveling the waterways of New York State!

First and probably most well known "water" feature of New York....
Niagra Falls!

I think this was probably a bit of an artistic view but still really pretty.

Vintage Postcards 001

I'm thinking this might be a bit more realistic view of the Falls.
Vintage Postcards 002

A beautiful look at Promenade Park in Hudson NY.
Vintage Postcards 003

and finally this card always reminds me of a scene from Finding Nemo....mine, mine, mine, mine, mine....  LOL!! 
Vintage Postcards 004

Too bad we all weren't near one of these watery scenes to help us all cool off after too many scorching days of 100+ temps!  I don't know about you but I'm sick of it.  Feels like a sauna when I walk out our front door.  They are saying next week is supposed to be just as bad :( I know some people are going to throw things but I'm ready for fall!


  1. Hi Roni -

    I'm going to duck my head with you cause I know I am ready for fall - LOL! Love the NY postcards, but its not very cool around here the last week or so. We've been having temps near triple digits and lots of humidity. So yes, I am ready for fall!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Hi, from Massachusetts.
    Fall sounds good to me! We've had a shorter period of the hot stuff than you, but I'm ready for something cooler.

  3. I missed these beauties on Sunday! I am not throwing anything ~ fall is my favorite time of year!


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