Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beaded Paint Brush Charms

Today I wanted to add one or two more steps to the Paint Brush Charms I shared with you yesterday.

You will create the charm using the same basic steps as you did in the previous tutorial.  The first extra step is that once you snip your wire, add several beads to the wire before you begin twisting  (Step #4).  

beaded paint brushes 006

As you're winding the wire along the brush, leave 2-3 beads with each spiral you wrap.  Once you reach the top, create the loop as directed in Step #6. 

Once you're ready for Step #7, winding your way back down the brush you may choose to incorporate additional beads on the way down.  You can finish the charm off as we did yesterday or save a few beads and add a "paint drip" from the tip of your brush as shown in this photo...  I secured the end with another little swirl of wire.

beaded paint brushes 007

And here are a few examples of Beaded Paint Brush Charms...

beaded paint brushes 011

NOTE: I went with specific color themes based on the paint color I added to each brush tip.  Instead of paint today though I went with Liquid Pearls for a more vibrant look.  I think I actually like the LP's better than paint.  When you fan the wet Liquid Pearl bristles out they tend to stay where you put them better than the paint does.

So there you go...same technique but totally different finished look.



  1. So cool - love the look the liquid pearls gives!

  2. I throw my old brushes out when they are ruined. Oops!!! I just may have to invest in some cheap brushes and grunge them up and make charms. I love the LP, they are so versatile.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. You just topped your own paintbrush charms with these blingy beads! Very fun. Now I must go buy some cheap brushes and then gunk them up with paint in order to charm them. How fun...


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