Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rayon Seam Binding - Crinkle Ribbon

I have had several e-mails from people asking about using Rayon Seam Binding to make Crinkle Ribbon.   Most saw a video or read somewhere that you couldn't use Rayon Seam Binding to make Crinkle Ribbon....you had to buy a "special" ribbon designed specifically for making Crinkle Ribbon.   

I have one thing to say to that...

You do not have to buy any special ribbon to make Crinkle Ribbon and I'll prove it to you...

(NOTE: I did not alter any of these photos in any fashion.)

Some months ago I shared the technique I use to dye and crinkle Rayon Seam Binding but I will share it with you again and use the stop watch on my phone to show you it can be done...

First about 100% Rayon Seam Binding.  I have two types ~ new (yellow label) and vintage (blue/cream label).  I have made Crinkle Ribbon from both types and each work equally well. 

Rayon Seam Binding - Crinkle Ribbon 001

The reason I have two different types of binding can be seen in this photo ~ when the ribbon is wet then crinkled the vintage seam binding takes on a gauze-y distressed look while the new seam binding looks basically the same.  I believe the reason for this is that the vintage ribbon isn't as tightly woven as the newer type of ribbon.  I particularly like to use the vintage Crinkle Ribbon on projects where I'm wanting a REALLY vintage feel.  It also looks really cool when used on Halloween projects too!  

Rayon Seam Binding - Crinkle Ribbon 004

On to the Crinkle Ribbon....

I usually pounce my ink onto my Non-Stick Craft Mat, spritz it with a bit of water and dip my ribbon into the puddle of inky water.  If I'm looking for a more intense color or some variation in the color I will then rub my ink pad directly on the wet ribbon.  

I then wad the ribbon up into a ball ~ this is where you put the "crinkle" in Crinkle Ribbon.

Rayon Seam Binding - Crinkle Ribbon 006

Then I heat the ribbon with my Heat Tool to speed drying.  It usually only takes about 15-20 seconds to dry the ribbon because it is very thin and filmy.  

Rayon Seam Binding - Crinkle Ribbon 007

This step is where the dispute over Rayon Seam Binding apparently arises.  One or several people have mentioned that if you heat the Rayon Seam Binding the ribbon will burn or melt!  Which is also where it has been said that you have to purchase the "special" ribbon.

I say ~ Nonsense!!!!

I set about to prove these naysayers wrong and show you the proof. 

I placed a piece of the vintage 100% Rayon Seam Binding on my Non-Stick Craft Mat.  I placed a drop of water on the binding to initially hold it in place because it likes to flit and flutter about when it's dry.    I warmed my Heat Tool up prior to heating the ribbon for about 30 seconds.  I then turned the gun on the ribbon and started my stop watch on my phone.   I held the heat tool over one spot on the ribbon, never waving the gun or diverting the heat to any other section.

As you can see the timer was at a minute and twelve seconds and the ribbon hasn't yet burst into flames or even singed yet....

Rayon Seam Binding - Crinkle Ribbon 011

I repeated the same test using the new 100% Rayon Seam Binding.  There was a tad bit of shrinkage after about 35 seconds and at one minute and 5 seconds the seam binding did start to singe in one area.

There was a bit of "smoke" with both types of ribbon when the water was initially evaporated by the heat tool but that "smoke" is actually steam which occurs with the "special" ribbon as well. 

Here are both pieces of heated ribbon... 

Rayon Seam Binding - Crinkle Ribbon 012

So while I'm sure the "special" ribbon works great I say that 100% Rayon Seam Binding works just as well as these photos have shown. 

Rayon Seam Binding - Crinkle Ribbon 013

I hope that clears up some of the confusion about using 100 % Rayon Seam Binding to make your own Crinkle Ribbon.


  1. Roni -

    Thanks for doing the ribbon test for us. I just bought some of the "Yellow" ribbon and I'm glad I can color it like you showed. Also, where did you get the vintage ribbon, I LOVE that it looks gauzy after wetting. I suppose I could always buy a roll of gauze at the store and give that a try - hmmm. I think I'm channeling you Roni, LOL!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Thank you so much! That's exactly what I wanted to know...now I can use the roll of seam binding without worrying that I'm doing something wrong.


  3. Thanks! This is on my shopping list!! Can't wait to play with it!

  4. I really appreciate your showing us how this process is done!!

    Thanks so much!!


  5. Thanks Roni - you really are a wealth of knowledge.

  6. thanks for showing me how to do this! I wondered how to get crinkled ribbon and didn't realize I could make it myself!

  7. where did you find the seam binding? I've been looking around my area with no luck.
    stamping sue

  8. You had me smiling when you showed the clock ticking away....and I am sooo glad that once and for all it is now in print:)) now if the stuff could just be found in my part of the world....your little goodie you sent me has long been used up:(

  9. Thanks for clearing that up! I, too, had heard you needed a "special" kind of ribbon. I'll need to try this!

  10. I couldn't agree with you more! I tried this technique a few days ago - with some old seam binding I had (don't know the make), I coloured it with Distress Ink, spritzed it with water and crumpled it tightly up - left it to air dry and was so pleased with the results - the card I attached it to is on my blog.

  11. Ha ha....this gave me such a tickle! Your detailed directions and the results, including some smoke (or is that steam??). The finished product with the singed spot pointed out..too funny!
    However, I also learned a lot and can't wait to dig around in my sewing supplies and see if I have some rayon seam binding. The dyed crinkle binding is gorgeous!

  12. I love it when you tell "them" they are full of BULL! And prove it too, I might add! Any time I have a doubt about something, I'm coming straight to you, my friend!!

  13. Thanks so much for your thorough report. That's what I love about your blog posts. This is the place to come for great info.


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