Saturday, April 30, 2011

Design Time Saturday - Creating Depth with Intensity

Today I wanted to talk about how to create depth using your stamps and ink. 

Creating depth on your stamped projects can be achieved with varying degrees by simply playing with color saturation or intensity.  When you vary the intensity of your ink colors you can make the same object become near using a darker tone or further away by decreasing this tone.

Below are two examples of depth created by the intensity of an ink. 

In this first example the vines were stamped multiple times without re-inking the image.  The lighter colored vines while they are the same size look as if they are set further back into the scene than the darker colored vines.  This creates the feeling that there is a lush layer of flowering vines surrounding the main image.  Popping the sentiment off the card actually enhances that effect.

JFF 1-14-11 001

The second example is a winter scene where the background appears flat and distant because the images were all stamped with the same color and intensity of black ink.  Instead we are actually bringing several elements into the foreground (ribbon, icicles, lady) by using either placement or popping them right off the page physically. 

jff 12-10 006

And the final stamped card appears to be completely flat despite the color variations of each square.  This static effect is achieved because the images (lines, witch, sentiments) were are all stamped using the same color and intensity of ink rendering a uniform, even feel. 

JFF - 10-8 - Ink Stained Roni 002

So the next time you reach for your ink pad...think about what type of depth you want to depict in your finished scene. 
Remember, sometimes less (ink) is actually more (depth). 


  1. Great crads & techniques! I really enjoy your blog posts and always learn something new. Thanks for sharing! ;-)

  2. Thanks. Those are really clear examples. Although I have used different shades of ink to try and get this effect, I forget it can be more effective with several stampings of the same colour.

  3. Very pretty cards and great examples!

  4. Gorgeous! I love all 3 of your samples!

  5. I love these! The vines are gorgeous, the lady on the bench card is really amazing and the postage stamp card is awesome :) Thank you

  6. Thank you Roni, once again great advice :)

  7. Wonderful advice Roni!

  8. Love your cards Roni...especially the winter one! Great techniques to add depth to stamped images. You always have the best tips!

  9. I've always loved the way you layer with inks!! Great examples and info! I love all three of these cards!

  10. These are awesome Roni! Wonderful ideas and such variety. THey are all very different. I think my favorite is the one with the girl on the front, no wait, its the one with the witch, wait . . . Oh heck, they are all wonderful!

    Elaine Allen


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