Monday, March 14, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #3 Layered Ephemera - Pt. I

Remember last week I gave you an assignment...gather a pile of ephemera....well today we're going to work on putting it all together for part 1 of today's arch!

Today's technique is one I originally shared with you quite a while ago...  Layered Ephemera!  You know how much I love my ephemera so you'll understand when I say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this technique!  It incorporates LOADS of awesome ephemera in one great technique.

Layered Ephemera
Part I

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers 001


Ephemera (LOTS!)
Collage or White Glue (Collage Pauge - Aleene's)
Foam Brush


1. Begin by cutting a piece of light/medium weight chipboard to the approx. size of your arch template.  I'm using a piece of packaging I saved cause I knew it would come in handy ;)  Yes, I AM a pack rat and proud of it - lol!! 

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers 002

2. Brush on a layer of glue to the entire piece of chipboard.

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers 003

3. Cover the glue with a sheet of ephemera or multiple pieces depending on the size of your paper bits and the size of your Arch.

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers 004

4. Smooth out the paper so there are little to no air bubbles in the glue.

5. Apply another layer of glue and more ephemera...  This will begin to build the "layers" in this technique.

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers 005

6. Continue smoothing your ephemera and adding additional layers of paper and glue until you get a nice thick layer. 

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers 006

I know someone is going to ask how many layers I add to this type of collage.  Honestly I never know how many layers I add.  I just keep going and going until I either run out of paper or more often than not until I realize I have been going at it for a while and my pile is REALLY thick - LOL!!  That's what happened this time.  I would get to a point where I thought I'd stop but I wanted to add one more layer...dump out some glue and end up with extra glue so I'd go a bit more to use up the glue then I'd add just a bit more and well you get the picture.  This is a VERY addicting technique.... I could just keep going and going.

Anyway, when you're satisfied with your pile of paper it will look something like this.... (maybe not sooo thick)...

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers 008

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers 009

7. Set your pile of paper somewhere safe so it can dry.  We are going to let this pile dry at least 24 hours before we move on to step #2.  It won't take quite that long for it to dry but I'd rather be sure.

Tomorrow we'll move on to part #2 of this technique.


  1. Thanks Roni, on my way to the drawing board--looks like fun :)

  2. Oh my! I am going to die of curiosity!

  3. I have two pieces "glued up" and now to wait patiently (*sigh*) for it to dry. Thanks, Roni, for the great directions and photos.


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