Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just in Case....(blizzard warning)

I have a bottle cap charm planned for tomorrow which works out perfectly since it's when the Bottle Cap was originally patent.


I wanted to let you know that we are under the Blizzard Warning (like so many people) and now they are talking about real possibilities of the power going out through out Indiana.  So just in case you don't see me tomorrow or for a couple days (eek!) it's because of Mother Nature playing games.

Hopefully we'll just get the snow ~ they are talking about 12-18" in our area and we still have power so I can just play play play ;)  LOL!!

I hope that everyone in the path of this monster storm takes care and stays safe and sound through the whole mess.

Take care and stay warm friends!!!


  1. Hope you all stay safe and warm inside and keep ok. Spooky you talking about bottle caps and charms in the same sentance as by co-incidence i've been doing similar today!

  2. Stay safe!! We are getting it tonight and tomorrow. Up to 30" that we really don't need as we are already buried in white. LOL! Torrow I will see what I can come up with before I commit to the charm swap!

  3. I'm down in Indy with an ice storm warning. Not sure which is worse. May try to make charms if I lose power tomorrow. Sounds like a good "by the fireplace" activity.

  4. Roni -

    Be safe sweetie! Hope you don't lose power. I'm keeping my fingers crossed we don't either. I'm in NY in the Hudson Valley and we are being told 6 - 12 inches of snow by the end of Wed., with anywhere from 1/2" to 1" of ice. I'm kinda hoping they newscaster don't know what they are talking about - LOL! Stay warm!

    Elaine Allen

  5. Stay warm and safe! We have temps of between 25 and 35 BELOW tonight in Denver, CO. We're hoping our pipes don't freeze and our car will start in the morning. So far no electrical issues.


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