Monday, October 4, 2010

Support The Girls!! Paper Quilted & Faux Stitched Date Book

I know...3 posts in one day but I was very inspired this weekend.  First with HH's Pink pizza box then I went to the store and saw all sorts of goodies that were pink and/or when bought the company would donate $'s to breast cancer research and finally Erma's inspiring e-mail.

Well I thought it was a great time to promote the cause a bit and pamper someone with some fun goodies too.  So here goes....

Support the Girls
Paper Quilted & Faux Stitched Date Book

This is a really easy technique that most of us forget about ~ paper quilting & faux stitching!

Pattern Paper - It Takes Two
Black Gel Pen
Date Planner
Distress Ink
Decorative Tape
Stamps - Support the Girls - Crafty Secrets


1. Determine a basic layout for your quilted pattern paper look you are going for....trim and rough fit it as desired.

Cure Date Book 002

2. (optional) I like to ink all of the edges of my paper.  I think it gives it a nice finished look.

Cure Date Book 002

3. Adhere the pattern paper to your cardstock following your basic layout in step #1.  It's starting to look like a quilt!

Cure Date Book 004

4. Add the stitches using a black gel pen.   Below are the stitches I like to use for this step but you may have other stitches you like to include as well.  Some people like to use one stitch type on their entire project but I like to use a variety.

Cure Date Book 007

Cure Date Book 006

And here is what your faux stitched paper quilt looks like so far....

Cure Date Book 009

5. Remove the date planner book from it's plastic sleeve.  Adhere the faux paper quilt to the front cover of your date planner.  Trim and adhere a plain piece of cardstock to the back cover of your date planner.

6. Trim or stamp desired sentiment and mount on the paper quilted cover.  I also added a few faux stitches to this as well.

Cure Date Book 014

7. If desired you can add a stamped image.  I luckily had a perfect set of stamps for this project ~ Crafty Secrets set - Support the Girls!

Cure Date Book 011

8. Cover the cardstock where it meets near the binding with any decorative tape (masking, book binding, gaffers tape, tissue tape, etc.)

Cure Date Book 012

Insert the date planner back in the plastic sleeve and you're all set!

Cure Date Book 014

Now for an added little bit of fun I created this really flashy flower book mark ~ You're definately not going to loose your place when using this gem ;)

Cure Date Book 015

Now if you recall I mentioned on Saturday that I would be giving away a set of goodies to complete this project on your own.  Today's winner will receive everything in these two photos as wells as a sheet of stamped images!

Cure Date Book 016
Cure Date Book 017

I went over to and the winner is....

Calamity Jane!!!

calamity jane said...

Pink + October + Breast Cancer Awareness Month! So it looks like there are feathers, a pink pen, maybe a journal (unsure,really) and lovely beads. With you and your incredible talent, it's hard to guess just what it might turn out to be!! I can't wait!

October 4, 2010 1:33 AM
Please e-mail me your snail mail addy so I can get your goodies out in the mail to you :)
there's more.....
Support The Girls Give-A-Way!!!
I am also giving away the finished Date Planner, Book Mark and all of these PINK goodies pictured below!
Cure Date Book 001
What do you have to do to be entered to win?
Just post a comment telling us what your favorite relaxing day might be...
For me it would be a morning hunting for bargains at an antique mall or flea market followed by an afternoon of creating with my finds!!
You will have until 10-10-10 (cool date huh) to enter to win!
Good Luck Friends!!!


  1. My favorite relaxing day would be to go for a massage in the morning followed up with some fun thrift shopping and lunch with a friend.

  2. My idea of a favorite day is to start checking all of my favorite blogs for ideas and spending the rest of the day copying (I mean creating) art. With a hot cup of tea and some new paper and ink I'm set. Maybe a brownie in there someplace.

  3. My relaxing day would be: lounging with my hubby watching movies curled up on the couch with him on a cold fall day! And then taking a nap with the windows open to feel the cool breeze. Wow I am tired now is it naptime? lol

  4. I love a day hunting bargains at thrift and flea stores. In fact I'm going to do that on Wednesday!

  5. Well .. what can I say ... relaxing day .. mmmmmmm ... I'm thinking chillin' in my PJ's ALL day long, creating in my studio & enjoying some great friends for company !!! YEAH !!!!!! Cheers.

  6. I can definitely relax after I have had my annual mammogram and gotten the letter of clarity that I am cancer free. I love your pink themed day planner. You are the best. Happy week ahead...

  7. I am a busy woman whom spends most of her day doing for others. I have been dreaming of a day on the couch with the coffee table covered with my books,crafts etc. I have a good movie on t.v. snacks at my side and I can create all afternoon long. I would even be willing to share that time with my kids if they wanted to create with me. It would be fun. I almost forgot. I need to stay in my p.j.'s.

  8. It would have to be a good browse round all the charity shops followed by a trip to my craft shop with unlimited spends of course lol. grab the biggest fresh cream cake in the shop on the way home and spend the rest of the day at my craft desk creating x

  9. I'd love to start that perfect day with a hot stone massage (NEVER had one of those!), and then I'd go shopping... first stop would be a lovely flea market, and then I'd head to the hardware store, my favourite hunting grounds for creative supplies!


  10. A relaxing day for me would be spending a day at the spa being pampered.

  11. Oh my relaxing day would be curled up in my chair reading a good book.And not having to put it down to make dinner.

  12. For me to relax a whole day would be a treat in itself!! I'd love to spend a whole day with hubby (no TV!) cruising down the road and stopping where/when ever we wanted and just hanging out together!!

    PS: Thanks for picking my # on the Sneak Peak Monday Project! Your projects make me smile REAL BIG!!

  13. It been a long time since I have some relaxing time for myself.

    I'm looking forward to have a date with my SAHM mom & sis for a massage session, seriously I need it, a shoulder massage will just do wonders!

    Followed by that, would like to bring my mom for a relaxing coffee session and let her try some of the nicest dessert out there. She's alwaus the one preparing meals and hardly got the chance to eat one.

    Finally I would love some time for myself, just be relaxed and create some stuff, or simply listen to some bossa nova music to chill out...


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