Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stampers Quest Holiday Blizzard Give-A-Way - Coming Soon!!!

Stampers Quest Holiday Blizzard Give-A-Way....

I thought I'd tell you about a little give-a-way that I've got planned for October...

Every October Stampers Quest has hosts what they call a Holiday Blizzard.  Basically all of the "guides" (team members) create and share holiday themed projects for the fall/winter season (Oct - Dec). 
We are only required to create 2 but I couldn't leave out one of the major holidays so I made for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I thought I would kick off the holiday season and share these projects with my Ink Stained Friends!!!

When my projects are posted (at some point in October...) I will post a "sneak peek" photo here on my blog as well as a link to my project.

If you'd like to be entered to win that particular project all you have to do is post a comment at that time!
You will have 1 week to post your comment then I pull out a winner :)

Sooooo, be sure to keep your eyes open for those posts since I don't even know when they will show up!

Good Luck Friends!!


  1. I would love to win a project that you made. You have such incredible talent.

  2. Anything you create would have a place of honor in my scraproom! You are one resourceful and talented lady!!

  3. I come back to your site almost daily so I'm sure I'll catch your post. Looking foward to it.


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