Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quick Cards - Quad Stamping

Hi Everyone!

Well, first day for Bob back to school!
He's happy with his teachers and is ready to get going.

Today I have a fun idea for creating 4 quick cards with very few supplies! This design is a super way to use up all of those scraps in your paper basket (box or wherever else you keep all your left-over bits in)! These cards are also VERY versatile as you can personalize and embellish with whatever you have on hand.

Quick, Easy, Use up Scraps,

Embellish from your Stash....

Doesn't get much better than that!


1 Rubber Stamp

Black Ink

4 Pieces of Cardstock in Coordinating Colors (can be scraps)

4 Card Panels

Scrap Papers, Embellishments, Bits of Ribbon, Etc.


1. Measure the stamp you wish to be your card focal point and gather 4 pieces of scrap cardstock (preferably cardstock with a smooth side for stamping) in 4 different colors.

Quad Stamping - Ink Stained Roni 001

Quad Stamping - Ink Stained Roni 003

2. Now stamp your image on each piece of cardstock with black ink.

Quad Stamping - Ink Stained Roni 004

3. Now stack all 4 images and make 2 horizontally and one vertically cutting all of the sheets into 4 equal parts.

TIP: I used a couple paper clips to help keep all of the sheets aligned.

Quad Stamping - Ink Stained Roni 005

You will end up with 4 nice neat piles of images!

Quad Stamping - Ink Stained Roni 007

4. It's time to assemble your cards....Select 1 piece ~ each a different color ~ from each of your piles to use on the first card. Assemble using various bits and pieces of cardstock, pattern paper and embellishments from your extras. Repeat until all 4 sets of images have been used!

Here are the 4 cards I made using what I had on hand....

(I still need to add sentiments but they are done for the most part.)

You can vary the look of the cards by the extra bits you add as well as how you mount or trim out each of the various sections.

As you can see I mounted some sections using double stick foam, mounted the pieces on cardstock, trimmed using deco scissors, inked edges, used a corner punch...

The possibilities are just endless!!!

Quad Stamping - Ink Stained Roni 008

Quad Stamping - Ink Stained Roni 009

Quad Stamping - Ink Stained Roni 010

Quad Stamping - Ink Stained Roni 011

Now it's your turn!

Pull out your favorite stamp,

your scrap basket


have some fun!!


  1. Fabulous tutorial, Roni! Love those cards.

  2. Terrific tutorial and such a great idea. Annette

  3. What a great idea! Lots of talent there girl!

  4. Great idea -- I particularly like the use of the postage edge scissors.

  5. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great idea and wonderful cards!!! I love your blog! What stamp did you use?

  7. Judy Laughlin (seattle)August 19, 2010 at 2:32 PM

    Simple but fabulous! Thanks!

  8. I especially like the postage stamp version!! Super fun look!


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