Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Faux Dew Drop Embellishments!

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the nifty little "Dew Drops" embellishments by Robin's Nest.

Now, I have tried them because I received a few from a friend but I haven't bought any myself because well ~ you know me...I'm "thrifty" (sounds better than cheap huh? LOL!!!). I have had them in my hand a couple times but I just couldn't bring myself to pay $3.50 - $7.00 for a tiny bottle of these little colored gems (100 per bottle).

I've also read a few places that the colors are a bit splotchy on them but people "fix" em by coloring the bottoms with a marker. Definately don't want to buy something that I have to fix before I can even use it!

Well this past weekend I was looking around at Jo-Anns and found these
(in the floral dept. near the glass stones, vase filler area)....

Moon Drops!

Make your own Dew Drops 001

This ENTIRE Bag only cost $6.99!!!!

The exact same as what one of the lss's was charging for the tiny bottle!!!

There must be thousands of those little devils in this bag!

And I can make them any color I want either with Alcohol Inks (shown below), or adding a bit of color to the bottom with markers or permanent inks!

Make your own Dew Drops 003

Now how freakin' cool is that????

Look like something you'd like to play with?

Well my Mom always told me to share so that's just what I'm going to do...

Post a comment and e-mail me your address and I'll send you out a little baggie of Moon Drops for you to play with!
ALL of the Moon Drops have been Claimed!
Thanks to everyone who posted & e-mailed...
your moon drops will be in Friday (7-16's) mail.

I'll send drops to the first 15 people who do both ~

post on this message and e-mail me your address just for being an Ink Stained Friend!


  1. Wow! Cool Roni! Are they in the floral section or craft section of Jo-Ann's? You're certainly right about the price, and you can customize them!

  2. Wow, those moondrops look very cool! I sure would love to play with them :-) Quickly going to send you my address!

  3. Hi Roni -

    Those are really cute! Trust you to find something to replace a more expensive embellishment - LOL! And thanks for the generous offer to send some. You are a sweetie.

    Elaine Allen

    P.S. Really loving what you are doing with the paper napkins!

  4. Yup, that's the way to do it Roni! Make your own custom colors. So creative you.

    I put mine a few in a sandwich bag with a few drops of alcohol ink. Once dry, they go into small containers for future use.

  5. Those are way freakin cool!! Love them...

    Thanks for a chance to win these little gems. Kelly

  6. Wow, thanks! I love Dew Drops and can't seem to find them locally, so I have to order online. This is much cheaper and I can get exactly the colors I want! You're the BOMB.

  7. So clever of you! I want to play, too.

  8. How totally cool of you to share! Roni, I'm running to email...

  9. ok, i can not resist. I have never seen moon drops. Sending you my address if there are any left. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh, Roni! These look just like the real thing! A friend and I bought two bottles of different colors and then divided them up so that we each had 50 of two colors. But, I don't like not having the perfect color for a card or project, so these clear ones would be so much better! Thanks for the tips and the offer to send some out!

  11. I make my own dew drops with my hot glue gun. Heat it up and squeeze out the size you like. i put it right on my craft sheet. I have colored them with perfect pearls and versamark inks. I haven't tried the alcohol ink but I'm sure that would work too. One stick of glue makes a million of them for maybe .10 a stick.


  12. Sorry - you're a bit late on this revelation. LOL I never bought any - even when they were on clearnace at Michaels for $2. (different name, same stuff) People also refer to them as 'skittles'. Before I read your article, I was thinking you were going to tell us you made them with glossy accents/liquid embossing type stuff. :)

  13. me me me me -- i hope i am in the 15 going to email you now! how many would you guess are in the bag?

  14. What a great idea!!! I am soo cheap and found one bottle of those dew drops for $3 and thought that was a deal but yours is sooo much better Dara :)

  15. Those are great. Your thriftiness came in handy!!

  16. Those moonlights are cool. I have to go see if I can find any around here. :)

  17. I have seen a similar product at Michael's but haven't bought it as I know I won't use all them in a gazillion years. Probably best to have a few friends to share with. Have you tried the new Ranger enamels to make faux brads? Looks great -- particularly in the black.

  18. Very fun. I have seen these but never thought about coloring them. Thanks for the terrific idea.

    Karen P.

  19. Ahhh! I've done the same thing: pick up the bottles of dew drops, admire them, and then put them back because of the price! Would love some of your homemade ones if possible! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  20. d I was just at Jo-anns yesterday. bummer This is something I would use. 6.99 and not on sale so when floral is on sale I'll get a bargain. Thanks Roni for the great tip. And I can say I'm really frugal (Cheap) LOL.
    I know I'm way after 15 but my e-mail is

  21. Hey Roni, did you know you can make your own dewdrops with a glue gun? Just put little drops of melted glue gun stick on one of Ranger's Craft sheets. The glue drops set almost immediately. And then, use the alcohol inks to colour them (like you did). This may be even cheaper than the moon drops!

  22. Last weekend I did the very same thing! And yes, thrify does sound better than 'cheap'! Funny you used the same alcohol ink color I did for my test! works great! Since the bag doesn't reseal, I filled a 7oz plastic container. I found mine at Michaels, also in the floral section. about the same price, maybe a little less even.

  23. I think of you as Frugal rather than cheap Roni! Great find! Are those Moon drops glass? I bet they would work great on polymer clay. Will have to go scope those out!


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