Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stamped Key Organizer

Back with another quick, inexpensive and easy to make gift for Dad!
Today I have a fun stamped key organizer to share with you...
I found a plain wood frame at the Dollar Tree...yes, for just $1.00!
Stamped Key Organizer

Wood Frame
Glimmer Mist
Archival Ink
Distress Ink
Glossy Multi-Medium - Ranger
Vintage Map
Sheet Cork (hardware store)
Stamps - Sentiment & Ruler - Stampers Anonymous; Ink Stain - Unknown; Remainder - Just For Fun
Screw Hooks


1. Stain the wood frame with Glimmer Mist or other dye ink.
Key Organzier 003
2. Stamp desired images on the frame using Archival Ink and/or Distress Ink.
Key Organzier 004
3. Apply map piece (or other vintage ephemera) to your frame using Glossy Multi-Medium (or other collage medium). Let dry completely.

Key Organzier 005
4. After the frame has dried, apply a protective layer of Multi-Medium to the entire frame and let dry.

5. Determine how many hooks you want to add to your organizer. Measure and mark hook placement. I'm using 3 for my organizer but you can always add more if desired!
Key Organzier 007
6. Screw the hooks in to the frame where you marked. Since most screw hooks have a nice sharp point pre-drilling is not necessary.

Key Organzier 008
7. Cut a piece of heavy duty chipboard to fit into the frame opening. Measure and cut sheet cork to fit the chipboard piece. The cork I had was adhesive backed which made mounting very easy. If your cork doesn't already have adhesive, a medium duty liquid glue will do the trick!

8. Fit the chipboard/cork into the frame opening and close the prongs.
Your key organizer is ready to go!
Key Organzier 010
A handy dandy little key organizer
bonus mini cork board!
Add a few matching push pins and you're set to go!
Another fun, quick and inexpensive gift idea for the man in your life :)


  1. wow fab project - thanks for sharing hugs Aly xxx

  2. Love this and your coin box, what great ideas you keep coming up with!
    Love your book by the way, keep looking up various things to try out!

  3. this is a great idea... gonna have to make a run to my local .99 cents store... lol.... thank you for always providing a great inspiration piece.

  4. What a great idea...I knew I was holding onto those $1 frames for some reason:)


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