Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Enamel Accents - Pt IV Faux Typewriter Keys!

As I mentioned before I had a couple of ideas in mind when I found out about Ranger's new Enamel Accents.

The first was the Faux Stain Glass effect I shared earlier.

The other idea I had was creating.....

Faux Typewriter Keys!!

Enamel Accents 014

Now there are several variations to these depending on what supplies you might or might not have on hand. Some of the directions may look long but it's mainly the options you have to create these nifty little embellishments!


Enamel Accents

Double Stick Foam Circles or Pop-It Circles

Metal Tape or Krylon Metallic Paint Pen

Adirondack Pigment Ink - White or Black

Small Alpha Stamps (I used MM Magnetic Alpha)


1. Hand cut or use pre-cut circles from double stick foam adhesive. I actually used two different pre-cut circle foam pieces. The first is a circle that is 1/4" deep giving a realistic impression of an actual vintage typewriter key. The second is a Pop-It Shape - Circle from Ranger.

2. Remove the line paper from one side of the circle exposing the adhesive. Cover this end with either Black or White Enamel Accents. (I used black on all of my examples). Let this Enamel dry & cure completely! NOTE: this may take several hours.

3. Once dry, you may either wrap the edge with Metallic Tape (what you might use to wrap glass tiles prior to soldering or Memory Glass) OR you may also use a Krylon (or similar) Metallic Paint Pen ~ either in your choice of metal colors.

I used Copper Metallic Tape on the large keys and Krylon Old Gold on the smaller key.

4. Stamp desired number, letter or punctuation on the top of the key using Adirondack Pigment Ink. Let the ink dry completely prior to use!

Enamel Accents 015

And you're finished!

Faux Typewriter Keys made to order,

ready to use on cards, scrapbook lay-outs,

ATC's, Gothic Arches,

Collage or Altered Art projects

and so much more!!!


  1. Wow, that's a really cool idea, Roni!

  2. Love love LOVE this idea, esp. b/c I have some foam adhesive circles from the $ store that are no longer sticky, oooooh...!


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