Friday, March 5, 2010

Ink Stained Sketch 3-5-10

Hi Everyone!

I hope you've all had a wonderful Friday! I know I've had a pretty good to play with some very special goodies today, finished up my laundry and the sun is shining!!

I wanted to chit chat a bit before I get to the sketch...

Distressed Tissue Roses ~

I'm glad everyone has for the most part excused my ink stained fingers in the video ;) LOL!! I never seem to keep them clean for very long at a time. I was actually looking forward to some nice photos in tutorials this coming week since my nails are finally looking really nice (all the same size, filed, etc..) but wouldn't you know it ~ I broke 3 today!!! Grrr...Oh well, it's good to know I don't have to be a nice clean hand model to do this ;)

Q - Someone asked if regular tissue paper would work for this ~ it sure will! I just have a huge stack of old patterns and rather than use my white tissue paper up it's just as easy for me to recycle what I have on hand.

Idea ~ I was going to post on the instructions that you could also stamp the tissue prior to twisting to give it a bit more distressed look. I have a nice script stamp that I like to use but really anything goes. Whatever tickles your fancy. This also can add nice contrasting color depending on your ink choices.

Mousse Me Technique ~

I'm so glad you all got a kick out of this technique! I figured some people might think it was the shaving cream technique I shared a while ago but nope...gotta keep it fresh and try some new things. That's why I love experimenting. You just never know what you're going to come up with!

Q - I was asked what the paper felt like (if there was residue) after I was finished. There is no sticky residue if you completely melt the mousse. It actually feels quite smooth and silky ~ almost like that cool silky paper from Club Scrap. Along these same lines depending on your mousse it may have a lingering scent as well. Just depends on what type of mousse you use.

ROFLOL @ Brians comment about the little girl with mousse & curlers in her hair ;) Yep, that's me ~ through and through!

Q - What type of re-inkers work with this? Well, I would think it would work with just about any re-inkers. I used Distress, Adirondack Dye & Nick Bantock re-inkers since that's what I own.

Ink Stained Card Sketch


inkstained sketch 3-5-10 001

and my card....

These are all Studio G stamps and Distress Inks!

inkstained sketch 3-5-10 002

Tomorrow I'm hoping to share some fun examples using the newest Distress Inks!!!

I have to tell you they are wonderful!

The card above used 3 new and 3 old ;)

Sunday of course I'll have more fun vintage postcards to share and next week I'm going to be working with the much requested glazes!

Hope you have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Love the St. Patrick's card. Thanks to you and Tim Holtz I'm about ready to jump into the Adirondack world of ink. I bought the cabin set & applicator. Now to open the packages & use them ;)

  2. Roni -

    This is such a cute card. I really like it. And I don't mind your inky fingers at all. Personally I think its a sign of a really great artist!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    Elaine Allen

  3. Roni,

    Your fingers are great!! I remember what mine looked like after pitting a five-gallon bucket of cherries - not nearly as much fun as making a art!!

  4. I don't get to stop by half as often as i'd like as you always have new and fun things to share, and this time was no exception.. i love that you will try anything, and your right i will never look at hair products in the same way again lol
    hugs minxy

  5. Oh, you have so many nice ideas.
    Fantastic blog!
    Hugs Tine

  6. Really great St. Pat's card Roni! This reminds me that I'd better get moving if I want to send any out this month. Have to rummage around and see if I have any Irish stamps!
    Love the card sketch...and am going to use it for sure!


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