Sunday, January 17, 2010

My New Stamps!!


Well I've been aching to share these with you and they are now up on Queen Kat Designs Gallery. Since Queen Kat is on her way to CHA this next week things have been a bit of a rush for her so I'm not sure if she got these stamps up for sale or not but it's the Get Inked Kit. I didn't see it but I'm sure if you e-mail her she will let you know more.


This set is for January ~ It's called Moments in Time :)
When you order the kit you'll receive what is shown plus an idea sheet with 3 projects and directions on how to made them!


You can see a sneak peek of February stamps here.... My Love!

If you really like them you can order them on the Get Inked page.

So, what do you think?!?!?

Do you have ideas on vintage type stamps you'd like to see?

I'm just so excited! I'll be giving away a set or two very soon so keep checking back so you can get in on the fun!


  1. Hello Roni! Love your new stamp sets! i would love to see vintage utensils/gardening etc. Thank you so much once again for your blog!!

  2. Hi Roni -

    Love the stamps! How about some stamps with vintage clothing, advertisements, perhaps some vintage cars. I'd love to see vintage toys (bears, dolls, cars, tricycles, tops, etc.).

    Elaine Allen

  3. Congrats on the new stamps! They're wonderful! I think I need to win the lottery with all the stamping goodness that's coming out....

  4. I love those kits. Thanks for the peek!

  5. I love that fence! I'd love to see vintage hot air balloons!

  6. Oh Roni! Many Many congrats on your wonderful new stamps! Between you and Tim Holtz I am gonna be broke. I love your new stamp line! How about a line of architectual drawings or mechanical drawings for stamps? That would be cool!

  7. go RONI!!! Love your first set! I agree with the other and gardening utensiles as well as jars, potato masher, milk bottle, broom, old wall phone, wagons, jumprope. Love your sentiments. Hope to see more!

  8. I love the new stamp set.... especially the Feb. one. I love vintage ladies/fashions. Congratulations! I still don't see how you do it all and still do your own housework, etc. You are special! Dawn in Ohio

  9. Hi Roni- These are just beautiful sets! Love them!!! Congrats to you!

  10. Roni,
    Congrats on your new stamps - they are wonderful.

  11. Great stamps! I am such a stamp lover :)

  12. Love the new stamps. As for what vintage images I'd love to see in the future: the auction you went to has me in mind of stamps that depict old Mason canning jars, cool cans with vintage labelling. Or even old farm implements. And since you and others brought your cameras how about a stamp or two depicting old cameras? Just some ideas. Tina

  13. I'm heading 'right over' to see your stamps. How exciting!

  14. Hi Roni!

    What a wonderful set of stamps! You´re really an artist :) By the way, I have just received my copy of your book (a friend of mine brought it from UK) and i am amazed at the quality of its contents. Congratulations from Spain!



  15. Hi Roni, love these stamps! so cool! Would love to see some vintage images of ladies, children, car, typewriter, camera


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