Wednesday, December 9, 2009

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments - #12 - Flocked Ornaments

I don't know about you but when I was a kid I LOVED flocked things...plastic animals, books with flocked images, cards with flocking, etc. It was such a fun surprise to find it where you didn't expect it.

Well, you can create your very own flocked ornaments!!

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments

#12 - Flocked Ornaments

Option #1




Aleene's Super Thick Tacky Glue or Glossy Accents


1. Draw desired shapes on the ornament using Aleene's Super Thick Tacky Glue. I love this glue paired with flocking. It's thick enough that you can draw designs and it doesn't run like other glues/adhesives do. You can use other glues but you'll probably have to work on one image at a time to prevent it from dripping.

#12 - Flocked Ornaments 004

My snowflakes

#12 - Flocked Ornaments 005

2. Sprinkle the flocking powder on the glue.

#12 - Flocked Ornaments 003

Now, you'll need to turn your ornament to add additional flocking so the entire image has been covered...notice the white showing through once the ornament has been turned.

#12 - Flocked Ornaments 006

3. Let this section dry....this is the most difficult part of the whole ornament...letting it dry. Once the original section has dried, continue on to flock the rest of the ornament in sections.

Of course today it was frightfully cold so my glue wasn't drying very fast at all so these photos give you the basic idea. The glue will eventually dry clear and all you'll see is the flocking.

#12 - Flocked Ornaments 008

#12 - Flocked Ornaments 011

Option #2

Making Memories Flocking Kit

#12 - Flocked Ornaments 012

O.k...this is a great kit if you can find it! Everything you need to flock or foil in one dandy little folder! I ran on to it by chance one day so I picked it up just to see what it was like. I think it was like $4.00 or so ~ you can find it on-line for less.

All you have to do is cut one of the adhesive images from the sheet and rub it onto your ornament.

#12 - Flocked Ornaments 013

Place the flocked paper over the image and rub.

#12 - Flocked Ornaments 014

And you're done! Instant satisfaction - LOL!!

#12 - Flocked Ornaments 016

#12 - Flocked Ornaments 017

So there you go ~ another fun ornament to add to your list!

Have fun crafting Friends!!


  1. These are really cute Roni. What a great idea! Thanks for another wonderful ornament.

    Elaine Allen

  2. I like the kit. I've had less than good results with the loose stuff - probably user error!

  3. flocking on a Christmas ball!! What a unique idea!! Love it!


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