Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What to do with all your art?!?!?

What do you do with the art you create? I can't tell you how many times I get this question. So many times I hear from people who would love to try some of the projects or techniques I post but what to do with the finished project stalls them our or stops them in their tracks.

Today I rec'd an e-mail about this very subject so I thought I'd share my answer with everyone in case you're facing the same dilemma.

Here was the initial e-mail from Kim in Cincinnati....

"Thanks so much for posting the gothic arch templates, and I love your remarkable woman example! I admire gothic arches whenever I see them, as well as altered books, chipboard albums, and anything distressed or altered looking. But here's my problem--every time I sit down to make something like this, I freeze up, because the unfortunate, practical side of me says--what the heck are you going to do with this??? Since your blog is full of gothic arches, ATCs, and all things distressed, collaged, and otherwise altered, I'll ask you--what the heck do you do with all of it??? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but it's really nagging me and stifling my creativity! Any thoughts?"

and here was my reply to her....

"LOL!! Trust me, this has crossed my mind more than once before I just decided to do it. When I make things for the blog I make items with specific people or uses in mind ~ friends, family, to give away on the blog, to put in my Etsy store, etc. Some I even make for myself ;)

I use them as gifts, turn some items such as Gothic Arches, ATC's, etc. into cards. Items such as chipboard albums I make as much as possible (decoration wise) and give those to friends who don't scrapbook...that way they can just add their own photos and be done with it! For collage pieces ~ I stick with friends or "to sell" if I'm not planning on keeping it. General themes that fit in with a certain style ~ for example, my Mom has a citrus theme in her kitchen so I create things that tie in well with her existing designs. I made a friend a giant collaged puzzle piece with a favorite saying and some of her favorite and meaningful designs incorporated into the design.

Stuff like that... Of course I participate in ATC swaps and work on Design Teams so I can get rid of things that way too! What I don't use for any of the above I submit to magazines, donate, or use as a RAK (random act of kindness).

Some additional ideas are ~ donating them to local nursing homes or senior citizen centers. Maybe there is a woman's shelter you could donate to or even send a surprise box to the local school system. There is always someone out there who would enjoy a bit of art to brighten their lives!

Just don't let what you're going to do with the finished project stop you from creating...there will always be someone out there who will appreciate your art!"

So please remember, if you want to create I refer to one of my favorite slogans...


You're creative muse will love you for it ;)


  1. Great response! I once had someone ask me (an uncreative person to boot!) this very question with and undertone of questioning whether or not I was a real artist. At first I was very offended and then I started to realize that there was some validity to her question. Since no one buys my art I began to question why I was even buying supplies and making things and then I realized that I do it for the creative expression and the outlet that it provides me and I realized that this was a great reason for me to continue no matter what anyone might think. :)

  2. I have a stamping friend who doesn't understand my beyond-card-creations. "What do you do with them?" Well, to be honest, sometimes they just go in boxes, and I look back through them now and then. Others get made into cards that I use or I give to my sister when she wants a special card. I like creating just to create!


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