Thursday, July 23, 2009

Books are Arriving!

Well the first of the books have started arriving at their destinations!!! I've been getting lots of e-mails telling me how much they like it. It's so great to hear what you all think of the book. I'm so tickled!! It makes all the hard work and long nights well worth it! I hope to hear what you think of the techniques once you give them a try too!

I have also officially sold out of my first shipment! Totally amazed me, it seems to be selling like hotcakes!! They went much faster than I anticipated so I've got a partial order coming in about a week or so and more coming a couple weeks after that. So if you order a book in the coming days please be patient...I'm getting the books as quickly as possible and will have them shipped as soon as I get them.

Room Update...

Well, things are progressing ~ I've had to take time out of organizing to clean/freeze green beans, get the computer moved, get Ben moved in and settled into his new room and clean the house ~ it's been torn apart for so long it's good to have it back in order again! I can only take it for so long then it starts bugging the heck out of me - LOL!!

I'm hoping to have most everything put away in the room tomorrow and maybe even get photos taken to share. I'm really excited about how things look. I'm sure I'll move things around once I get in it and start working but till then things are at least finding a new home.

Storage of various items has been a challenge. I'm trying to do it on a non-existent budget so I'm using up all sorts of shoe boxes, re-purposing and scavenging other containers so it's not going to look like one of those $5,000.00 room make overs where everything is matched and perfect but it's going to be organized, functional and MINE :)

I'm not real excited about how my mounted stamps are going to be stored but until I figure out a better way it's got to work.

How do you all store your Wood Mounted Stamps?

I'd love to hear/see all about it.

Well, that's all for now...hopefully by next week things will be back in working order and I'll be able to start sharing more fun techniques, projects and ideas :)

Take care friends and keep those e-mails coming!!


  1. I'm having to wait to order my book until after the 1st. I'm so happy for you that they are selling quickly!
    Can't wait to see how your Studio is turning out!
    About the wood mounted stamps, I store mine in pizza boxes labeled with the theme on the front edge. Stacking the boxes on wide shelving is nice so you can get the bottom one without taking them all off. If I had room, I would display them like Tim Holtz does on graduated risers!
    Good luck getting it just how you want it!

  2. I got my book and I love it!!
    it is so full of wonderful ideas and pictures!! I haven't been able to put it down,,,love it!

  3. Roni..
    got my book and the lil giftie! WOW!! cant wait till the weekend so i can absorb it better!! THANK YOU!!

  4. I store my stamps the way I saw it on Carrol Duval. She used extra large zip-loc bags. I think they are 3 gal. Put a cardboard liner in each bag and then the stamps will line up. then file them in a milk carton by subject.

  5. Roni, I wish I could get your book I just know it will be great. I will have to wait until a things look up. Maybe I can get one through the library system. Best of luck.

  6. I bought this small cabinet from Ikea, it's great for storing up wood mounted stamps! And the great part is, it is alterable ;)


  7. Congrats on the success of your book! I recently unmounted all of my stamps and love the extra space it affords me:)

  8. Hey woman! my book is here and it is absolutely phenomenal! you really went above and beyond with all of the techniques, steps and samples. The whole book is eye candy! It's a huge success. Congratulations!

  9. Oh yes, the ever evolving question of how to store mounted stamps....
    My system works pretty well for me with the limited space that I have. I have 3 small sets of plastic drawers (shallow ones) that I use to store my sentiment stamps, decorative, nature, and animal stamps in. Then I have some wire cubes with shallow shelves where I store more stamps in shallow cardboard boxes that I can pull out like drawers. My sets of wood mounted stamps are stored in cupboards in the family room and I have Holiday and foam stamps in Rubbermaid tubs on a bookshelf. So, in other words, they are everywhere!
    I know you'll be so happy to have your craft room set up so you can get in there and play again. But first...all the summer garden and household duties! LOL!

  10. Hi...again...luving the book! I have many SU stamps in their original containers...all labeled. I like this SEE THRU bizness...this is what I have done...When I buy grapes, pineapple, strawberries, etc at Sam's and Costco...they are larger size plastic containers..I wash em...Then I organize my stamps by theme and keep them like that ..again labeled. I have a 5 shelf etigere' that is 3 feet wide and 2feet deep. I have them stacked in columns by style or sentiment. So it is ez for me to find what I want all the time. My acrylics are my problem...just cant seem to get them very organized! Can't wait to see your room! xoxo Cher

  11. I've got my most used wooden stamps in 3-drawer, plastic rolling units from Walmart. The rest are in boxes and are a total mess. As I am packing up my studio to move, I am storing them in those large bins, also from Wally World.

    I keep my clear stamps in 3" binders - I like that they are all in one place and organized by alphas, images, etc. but they are large, heavy and akward to use. I need a better system for those, too. My most used clear stamps are on my work space all stacked up in a cardboard box and that is really convenient, but not organized at all.

  12. i just got a neat narrow drawer containter from - where else - the container store. they are actually called large photo keepers. the individual drawer inserts are about the size of the plastic containers from stampin up. i haven't moved into them yet but tried a few stamps and they fit well and i plan to label the ends... Xmas stamps, cat stamps, etc (oh and your book is delicious) jeanne near seattle

  13. I have pre-ordered this book from Amazon not realising it was the one you have written. I can't wait for it to arrive!!!

  14. I have so much fun at your blog I had to pass you on one of those awards -- the Watermelon 10 for great creative spirit and sharing said spirit!!

  15. so...this may sound funny, but gutters....they are mounted straight to the wall, they don't take up a lot of space and you can just display all those stamps and know exactly where they are...AND you can alter them of coarse! they are great in places where you may not have lots of room, i.e. a hall, a walkway, they don't stick out very far...ya know what I mean? we have a habitat for humanity store here where you can pick up stuff like that for CHEAP!

  16. OMG! What a fabulous book! I love, love, love it! Thanks so much Roni for your generous gift (to all the blog readers: Roni sent me a copy of her book as a thank you for sending her a photo she used in her book).


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