Monday, June 29, 2009

This, That and More!

Oh my, it’s been a wild weekend!! Got lots of great things done… Made some real progress on the room. Bob (y-ds) helped me finish clean out oldest sons room, took down all the posters, photos, awards, etc. from the walls, clean the walls and then we painted the room twice with primer. more JD colors :)



NOW, I have a thing or two to say about Kilz primer… It “Says” it’s a one coat primer…that’s a lie! I did everything the can said and I still had to paint it twice L Even after painting it 2x I can still see some of the green coming through. I talked to the paint guy today and he said that with two coats of primer and 1 or 2 coats of finish paint I shouldn’t be able to see it anymore. I sure hope not…that’s a lot of painting!
Wall color…after we painted the room with the primer we were surprised at how bright it made the room not to mention how much bigger it looked! SOOOO, I decided to go with Ultra White ~ the paint guy showed me the diff. and it’s amazing how much brighter the ultra white is compared to just plain old white.

I also changed my mind about the floor. I was going to tile the floor using the same stuff that’s in my living/kitchen/hall but I saw a decorating show and they painted the floor!! So yep, you guessed it ~ that’s what I’m going to do! I already have the paint ~ it’s the bottom one ~ Neptune Blue. (bottom color) Love it! I’m also going to have blue shelves and other blue accents in the room along with the existing wood (molding & cabinets).


I was thinking about dry ragging the cabinets with white and or blue but not sure on that yet.
Didn’t get much done craft wise this weekend other than finishing up another square card



I do have some other goodies to share though ~

Card Sketch 20060619
Phinny & Lynn made some really awesome cards using this sketch ~ isn’t it fun to see how people take a sketch and make it their own! I just love it!!
Phinny ~
Thanks ladies for sharing your creations!!
Thermal Fax Paper ~
If you remember a few weeks ago I shared some creations using Thermal Fax paper…Odeen e-mailed to tell me that she had been playing with her fax paper as well….
A funny thing happened about a week ago. My son asked what I could to get the fax paper to feed properly in my very old fax machine, so I put in a new roll. The old one had been in there several years, and I thought it was because it was near the end of the roll that it wouldn't work properly. Needless to say there was another problem with the rubber roll that had hardened over time that caused the misfeed. In short, I couldn't see throwing the old paper and roll out, so decided to experiment with it. I got out my Hotmarks and used one of the tips to draw designs on the paper. Then I colored in the images with an ink dauber. It worked. I used the Hotmarks tool to draw with, because I think it is a lower temp than a wood burning tool and wouldn't burn the paper.
Hotmarks has many shapes and letters that could be stamped on the paper, and I was intending to use them, but low and behold you came up with a different slant on things.
Joseph’s Coat Technique
Eiglas hadn’t used this technique in years but after she saw it again here she decided to give it another go. Be sure to check out her results.
One last thing
I know this has nothing at all to do with crafty-ness or anything but I just had to share this fun photo…

We have chickens on our farm and in addition to the regular size chickens Bob (youngest ds) has a couple banty chickens which are also laying eggs. We found this itty-bitty egg Saturday evening ~ it’s sitting beside a regular sized chicken egg so you can see JUST how small it really is. Isn’t that just too funny! Bob ate it for breakfast Sunday a.m. ~ it ended up being about the size of a thumb print – LOL!!
Well, I guess that’s all for today.
Hope you’ve got a wonderful week ahead of you!

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  1. Wow - great cards, S-Lynn. And what amazing projects, Eiglas. I am so inspired by your talent, both!!

    Roni - whew, I am tired just reading about all you accomplished this weekend. Way to go!!

    And I have a caution about painting the floors - my parents did it in their unfinished house years ago and found that it scratched terribly. The smallest little thing will scratch a painted floor so beware. My folks tried putting lots of top coats of varnish on it, but that didn't help much so mom ended up doing a sponge paint design which at least disguised some of the marks. If you are looking for long term durability, I would rethink the painting on the floor b/c you may have to do it all over again fairly soon. So personally, I would go with lino or tile or even outdoor carpet! Or a really big area rug that can be vacuumed? Just wanted to share our experience with a painted wood floor.

    Have a good week!


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