Friday, June 12, 2009

Ink Stained Card Sketch 20090612

Happy FRIDAY Everyone!!!


It's Ink Stained Card Sketch day and I really love the sketch for today ~ it looks simple but you could do so many fun things with it....

Here is the sketch ~

20090612 Card Sketch001

Now I was thinking about variations for this sketch and here were a few ideas I came up with...

*Stamp each section to create your own coordinating pattern paper.

*Stamp the same design using 3 shades of the same color (Adirondack Inks are excellent for this since they come with 3 coordinating shades!)

*Use a different technique on each section ~ ex. You might use Parched Pigments for the large piece, stamp the sentiment using the Stamped on Gesso technique and Joseph's Coat technique for the main image.

*Work off a specific theme ~ for example, if you were interested in making a dad's day card and your theme was fishing you could use say a fishing lure stamped repeatedly for the background, a fishing related sentiment stamped once in black then stamped repeatedly with embossing ink (for a watermark look) on the rest of the paper, and finally stamp a giant fish for the main image or find a cool fish collage image to add to the main image.

Just a few thoughts to get your creative juices flowing!!

Hope you get some time to play this weekend!

I'm going to try to have a few examples of the sketch up tomorrow and be sure to check back on Sunday for another installment of vintage/retro/modern postcards!

Till then friends ~

Ink On my friends Ink On!!!

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  1. I finally had time to do your sketch...and use the Parched Pigment technique. Here is my card.


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