Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gift Idea ~ Stamped Mug

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I hope you had a good day...

I wanted to answer a few questions about the tiles before I get to today's gift idea.

What type of sealer do I use and where can I find it?

I have a couple different types I use most often ~ Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Sealer and Patricia Nimocks Clear Acrylic Sealer. Both work very well. They can be found at most hobby or craft stores as well as Wal-Mart, Meijers, etc. I think they are like 4-5.00 a can. It's been a while since I've bought any so I can't remember for sure.

How do I string the tiles?

I will take some step by steps tomorrow ~ it's easier to show you than it is to try to explain sounds more confusing than what it is.

What did I do to the back of the tiles?

I left these tiles colored but you could stamp on that side as well or add collage images, ephemera, etc. Really whatever you want to do would be cool.

Who made the alpha stamps ?

Those are "Collage" #Y507 from My Sentiments them ~ they are my most fav. alpha stamps I have :)

On to today's project...Stamped Mug

Today's project is a bit tricky to get the hang of but I have a little trick I use to help make it much easier.
We're stamping on a mug ~ yes, a round slick surface!!
I know, made me shutter too when I thought of it but I figured out a great little trick to make it much more skidding across the surface! Now, this trick only works with unmounted or acrylic stamps ~ you'll see why when you look at the photo below.


I promise if you use this little trick stamping on a slick surface will no longer be a nightmare!

Place the main image in the center of your acrylic block. Ink with desired color(s) of ink. Next, quickly position a border stamp above and below the main image. DO NOT INK the border stamps. Stamp the image as desired.

stamp trick

Basically the two un-inked border stamps become grippers to keep the stamp from skidding across the surface of the glass. It works like a charm!!

If you don't have border stamps several small stamps work just as well ~ actually that's what I started out using till I remembered I had the stitches stamps.

Now it does take some practice stamping on a curved surface ~ not much I can say to help you there ~ just give it a couple tries... If you mess up, wipe the ink off and give it another shot. I tried 3-4 times before I was satisfied.

Stamped Mug

Archival Ink 03-09021

Any undecorated mug will work for this project, I found mine at Dollar Store but I'm sure they have them all sorts of places.


Archival or Staz-On Ink


Cut & Dry Nibs


Heat Gun

Krylon Acrylic Sealer


1. Wash the mug and let it dry completely. This just removes any residues that may have accumulated on it during the mfg. process and after.

2. Position and ink stamps as shown above. Carefully stamp desired images onto the mug.

Mistakes - If you're quick you can wipe off Archival Ink before it sets using a stamp cleaner...not sure if it works with Staz-on or not but I would think if you used the Staz-on cleaner you could remove that ink as well. Let the cleaner dry before attempting to stamp again.

3. Once you have your images stamped where desired, heat to set. I know both of these inks dry pretty quick but I think setting with heat just helps them cure quicker.

4. Using a Cut & Dry nib, color in desired areas of the images by picking up a bit of ink on the nib and coloring as normal.

Archival Ink 03-09025

5. Again, heat set the ink for a minute or so.

6. This step is very important ~ since we're stamping on something that will be used frequently it is very important to seal your mug. I use Krylons Crystal Clear but you can use any acrylic sealer. You MUST apply the sealer in very light coats or the inks will get a fuzzy look to them. I don't spray the sealer directly on the mug. I spray a light mist slightly above the mug and let the sealer fall onto the glass. You will need 2-3 coats letting the sealer dry between each coat.

Let the mug cure for a day or so.

That's all there is to it!

Now, you can use any images, alphas, text you want...just think of the possibilities!!!

Personalize with a name, favorite subject or poem, etc...

These make great gifts for everyone :)


  1. This is a fantastic idea and I LOVE the trick using uninked border stamps to grip the slick surface. So clever!

  2. Gorgeous Roni!! I'm still intimidated but you give the best tips!! I have lots of staz-on colors so there's no excuse not to try this!

  3. What a great tip for stamping on these types of surfaces! Thank you for sharing with us. I will give this another try sometime.

  4. Roni - you are so clever. Who would have thought to stamp on mugs. What a great personalized gift even for a teacher. I might have to try this for an end of the year gift!!

  5. This is so great! Thanks Roni, I am going to give this a go with a couple of old mugs I have lying around.

    About the sealer, I am wondering if Krylon Crystal Clear Sealer is the same as Kylon Crystal Clear Varnish available here in the UK? It's also in a can and you can get it in art supply type shops, but I wonder if theres a difference between sealer and varnish?

    Roni you need to assemble a crack team of international readers to tell you what local equivalents in your projects are :) I volunteer for UK! :)

  6. I love the finished mug! Thanks for sharing all the instructions!

  7. Great tutorial for making these beautiful gift by using stamps... Stamped mug is looking AWESOME!!

  8. this is just great! ive been googling the whole day looking for a tutorial!

    thanks so much for sharing! im making personalized mugs filled with hot choco mixes this christmas for family and friends.. no more store bought gifts.. well except for the mugs.. :)

    thanks again so so much for sharing!

    love your site! will follow from now on!

    hugs from the Philippines,

  9. Brilliant. Thank you very much for posting!!!

  10. The bird/flower design is lovely and works so well!


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