Thursday, April 9, 2009

UTEE Cookie Cutter Examples

As promised, here are the cookie cutter UTEE examples!

The first two are paper mache eggs I found at Michaels...each was painted then decorated with the UTEE pieces.

UTEE cookie cutter ex 005

UTEE cookie cutter ex 002

The lines behind the flowers is melted UTEE that I drizzled over the egg.

UTEE cookie cutter ex 001

The pendants I made strung up a couple of ways....

UTEE cookie cutter ex 007

UTEE cookie cutter ex 011

A wire-work frame - each one of those cells is UTEE. That project is for another day!

UTEE Wire work frame

And this tag was made with an assortment of left over bits, pieces and extra colored UTEE! I love how it turned out. I wish you could see the depth in all of the swirls. Some of the UTEE is colored but clear, other parts are opaque and part has flecks of colorant suspended in it.

Psychedelic dude!!

~ as my youngest would say ;)

He's a (born in the) 90's - 70's guy - LOL!!

UTEE cookie cutter ex 012

So there you go...just a few fun things you can do with some of these cookie cutter UTEE pieces. The tag btw is the shape of the cookie cutter that I'm giving away ;)

One more UTEE technique to share tomorrow but certainly not all of them I could share.... I don't want to bore anyone so we'll be moving on to something new next week. Sometime in the future I'll come back to sharing additional UTEE techniques.



  1. Wow! I had to get my sun glasses to view those gorgeous pieces! LOL I love how vibrant and Spring-y the colored UTEE is. Great projects, Roni!

  2. Stunning!! I so love these samples, they look like glass. hat circle pendant is fabulous! I really love the tag too those colors are great it reminds me of my favorite BG line "Color Me Silly". Will you be showing how to mix the colors? I'm hoping you will!

  3. LOL...yeah, normally I'm not into all that bright stuff but it works so well with the UTEE :)

    Oh you know I never even thought of the CMS line by BG but you're right! Sure, I can do the mixing colors tomorrow or Sat.

  4. lol yes very brite indeed! but so fun as you say...I could keep reading about utee for as long as u wanna write..They do look like glass but are not quite so fragile...awesome!TY TY ..I cannot tell my husband about u and your will steal my credit cards lololol, Cher

  5. Amazing! I love the jewelry pieces!

  6. Very cool! I love the pendants and the tag is awesome for starting out as left over UTEE. Thanks for sharing once again.


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