Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just stuff...

I wanted to answer a few questions some people have asked...

How do you pronounce UTEE correctly?, this sounds is an excellent question ~ I thought the only way to pronounce it was just how it's spelled - "U - TEE" or U-T. I live in the mid-west and that's how I've always heard it pronounced.

BUT ...

If you live on the east coast they pronounce it - "UDEE" (all smooshed together real fast) like rhymes with Rudy. When I went out to Ranger for a while I didn't have a clue what the heck they were talking about...udee ~ what the??? Anyway, that's how they pronounce it.

My question to all of you.....

Are there other pronunciations of this term in your region of the country/world? If so, please share it with us and where you live (regional is fine). I find it interesting how various parts of the country/world pronounce things so differently.

A few people were asking about where to get the Jumbo Jelly Beans I posted about yesterday. Yes, you can order them on line. I don't know if there is enough time to get them for this Sunday but they are good anytime - LOL!! The web-site is.... JumboJellyBeans. And yes Shannon ~ they are almost as big as eggs! Actually, we have some banty (or bantam) chickens which are like miniature chickens that lay pee-wee sized eggs (that's the real term for them - lol!!). Their eggs are almost the same size as the Jumbo Jelly Beans! Wild huh?

Also, someone was asking if I was going to post any of the projects from the book here...yes, but I have to wait until after the book is out :) I'll even be giving away some of the projects so check back in mid July for those.

If I've forgotten anyone's question, jlmk...I try to keep em all straight but sometimes I miss them or they get stuck in a folder before I answer. Just remind me and I'll be sure and either e-mail or answer here :)

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  1. Hi..luv yer *stuff* lol...I think I have signed up for your drawings ...time will tell. TY for answering about re-inkers. I went to your SkyBluePink site lol...of course had to buy a couple things but quite reasonably priced! I am looking for those lil crowns u use on ATC's, etc. Can't seem to find any in bulk tho...cher


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