Monday, March 30, 2009

Custom Coloring UTEE

Today I want to share 3 ways on how to custom color UTEE.
It's quick, easy and lots of fun so let's begin...
The items I'm going to use are:
  • empty container with lid
  • small scoop or spoon
  • colorant - To Dye For Ink; Alcohol Ink; Perfect Pearls
  • Clear UTEE (you can also use Pearl)

coloring UTEE001

Just a note ~ all of the finished examples were made using the same technique I showed you in the Cracked Glass demo. Add a bit of clear embossing ink to the paper, sprinkle, heat and add additional UTEE if desired.

To Dye For -

O.k. I thought I should let you know right up front this is not how you are supposed to use this ink. Yes, it is designed to be used with UTEE but it says right on the label that you add a couple drops to UTEE that has been melted in the melt pot.

We're going to ignore that label for now. ;)

This ink is VERY thick so just a couple drops added to the UTEE will do the trick. Once you add the ink, replace the cap and shake vigorously until there are no more globs and all of the UTEE looks like it has been covered.

coloring UTEE003

Here are the results....The left side is one coat and the right has a bit extra. Now, this is the reason I love adding the ink BEFORE it is melted. Once you do melt it it gives the UTEE a unique marbled effect. You can see how the ink is thicker in some areas not so much in others. Once you begin to add additional layers it adds such depth and dimension to whatever you're working on it's amazing!!

coloring UTEE016

Alcohol Inks

CAUTION - NEVER, I repeat NEVER heat UTEE that has been colored with Alcohol Ink before it is completely dry!!!! AI is highly flammable and will catch on fire!!!!!!!

That said, to mix simply add a few drops of AI to the UTEE. Recap and shake - once you are done shaking ~ REMOVE THE LID - Set aside to dry!!!!! I can't stress this enough ~ This is a VERY important step. (I'm not yelling, just want to be sure nobody sets their craft area on fire!)

coloring UTEE006

and here are those results...never mind the black specks...I was bad and didn't clean out my tidy tray before I made this example (duh!). You can see the colors get more intense as you add additional layers but it still keeps that transparent look.

coloring UTEE017

Perfect Pearls

This is one of my favorite ways to color UTEE...the PP's adds that iridescent shimmer which I just love. Simply scoop up a tiny bit of the PP and add it to the UTEE. Cap and shake.

coloring UTEE007

This is what you get....I couldn't get the photo to pick up the shimmer but trust me ~ it's there!

coloring UTEE012

I know there are loads more inks and powders that could be added to the UTEE but I have never done so. I can't say how they might react when the UTEE is heated. Just keep that in mind if you decide to give them a try. There are actually a couple things I'd like to try adding but this was all I had time for tonite. If I do give em a try, I'll be sure and let you know how they turn out.

A few things to keep in mind...remember that all of these examples were shown on white cardstock. The color intensity will change as you apply it to other background colors. Also adding these same colorants to Pearl UTEE changes the whole color scheme. Since it starts out with a shimmer all of your colors will have a beautiful luster and will look far different when melted. Below is an example of Berry Twist PP added to Pearl UTEE.

coloring UTEE021

coloring UTEE022

Told you it was cool!!

So there you go ~ 3 ways to color your UTEE! Hope you give it a try and enjoy playing around with em!



  1. Thanks for the tips, Roni. I was told the other week at a craft class that I could colour UTEE with AI, never thought about using Perfect Pearls. x

  2. Wow how fabulous! I NEED perfect pearls NOW. I finally saw them demoed in real like and can I just say WOW!

    How long did it take to let the AL Ink dry in there?

  3. I have always been wary of adding color to the UTEE b/c I wasn't sure what was ok and what was dangerous. (And I am a natural blond so you DO need to shout to make sure I don't set my craft area on fire!! LOL) So thanks for doing some research. I love them all, but the first one I want to try is the Perfect Pearls. Wow - IRL that must be even more stunning. Fun!

  4. I've used Perfect Pearls to color clear great!

  5. thanks! Just borrowed my sis's pot to try this out...can't wait...I wondered if u can just add ink like from reinkers to the utee?

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