Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stamp Diva Sale & Newspaper update....

Hey there everyone!

Well, I made it through the interview! Shannon was right, once I got started out something I really love it was easy. Talking about myself...well, that wasn't so easy but I got through it. The photographer was great. I had pulled several projects from the book and she loved some of my favorites so that was cool. One canvas features Cecil (the basset) when he was a puppy so he's making the paper too...she took a pic of me holding both ~ the canvas and the dog ;) Dh is thrilled his dog is going to be "famous" - LOL!! Sheeze! The article is going to be the front page story of the Sunday living section on March 15th! I can't wait to see it, I'm excited to see what they use.

The reporter asked if you had to be a pack-rat? Of course I answered yes and showed him my 2 box full of goodies that were just a sampling of what I used in the book. It brought to mind a conversation I recall about someone discussing they were trashing stuff they had in their stash for a couple years saying if they hadn't used it by then they never were.

WELL....I'm here to tell you that is just not so!!! I am SOOOOOOOOO glad I am a pack rat - LOL!! I had so many goodies to incorporate into various projects that I've had for years and YEARS!!! I knew I was waiting for just the right project and so many of them found their perfect homes recently.

For example, I bought a box of very old silverware (not even sure they were silver) for $2.00 at a garage sale a few years ago. That box has sat in my cabinet for 3 years untouched BUT I pulled it out and used several of the pieces in a variety of ways...one baby spoon is on a cool canvas, a few of the serving pieces are now charms and I had ideas for some other fun goodies that didn't make it into the book due to space issues.

I also had a movie reel tin a friend sent me for my b-day one year. Now, this thing is awesome...very cool vintage metallic blue color - my fav. color and all. I knew the project was going to have to be something fitting and deserving - you know you just can't waste a perfectly good tin like that ~ after all they don't come along every day you know. Well I turned it into a very cool piece of art that I can't wait for everyone to see. I was so tickled with how it came out :)

That is the only complaint I have with writing a book....having to WAIT for everyone to see the goodies I made - LOL!! I want to share them all NOW! Of course my guys have seen them but I think after months of projects they are immune to them ~ "yep, uh huh..." is about all I get anymore.

Well, anyway ~ I don't have any projects or techniques to share today but I do have a sale I wanted to mention...

Stamp Diva is having a free shipping day tomorrow - February 25th - for US residence or $7.00 off shipping for international orders. Use coupon code - feb25 If you've never ordered from there you should, Susan is a great lady and offers excellent customer service!


Eyelet Outlet has some really cool new brads and quicklets you should check out. I LOVE their baby animal brads...they are "cute" which I don't do much but I still love their adorable little expressions. They also have some great new martini and olive (black & green) brads as well!

Well, I think that's about it for me today...have a darn cold that's just kickin my butt.

I think I'm going to grab a cough drop and go read till I get sleepy.

Hope you all have a great evening!


  1. I knew you'd breeze through it! I'll have to see if I can order a copy of that days paper.
    E is a crack up, giving all the celebrity status to Cecil.. He's in for a surprise! LOL!

  2. Aw... you poor thing. Feel better!

    And yes, I totally agree about having a stash. I made a decision awhile back not to hoard things and oh-my-gosh does that free things up. Now I go straight to that gorgeous paper and cut right into it. I use gems and flowers and ribbon, oh my. And you know what? There is ALWAYS moooore, more, more. I don't think I could ever run out.

    But the hard thing for me with a stash, especially since I moved in Sept. and so much is still in boxes, is ORGANIZING and keeping things clean and tidy. Ugh - I suck at that. Seriously. But I committed to myself that I would do ONE thing per day... and with a couple of false starts, I think I am finally on a roll.

    Yesterday I cleared out 2 drawers and now my ink pads are in one and my baby wipes, markers, paint pens and EP are in the other. And it's oh-so-much-better. Today I bought presentation pages to put my clear stamps in. I already have some nice big binders so hopefully this will help me be able to see and find the stamps I have. At least the clear ones.

    I have some really cool old Encyclopedias, flash cards, wallpaper sample books, vintage lace, a ton of charms.... and a whole lot more. So yeah, I have a stash too. My brother things it's sheer gluttony, but we know what it really is right? To work in altered art you HAVE to have tons of weird junk plus 3 of every paper and supply on the market. Right? Right! *blush* Well... maybe I do go a little bit overboard. Oh well... sigh.

  3. So I hope you're putting in a call to all your friends and neighbors to hold onto their newspaper for you! Hey, doesn't this mean you're going to have to scrap that article?!!
    also, I'm so glad you've given me permission to continue being a packrat! LOL!


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