Thursday, February 26, 2009

Foam Core Board - II

Yesterday I shared why I love using foam core board so much and told you I would share a fun way to jazz up this type of collage....

foam core board005

Now, don't get me wrong...there is nothing at all wrong with this collage as a starting point BUT if you add a bit of paint ~ maybe Jacquard's - Lumiere metallic paints you could kick it up a few notches!

foam core board006

Foam Core Board is also very easy to cut. If you've checked out Tim Holtz's blog he shared a project which incorporates dimensional items into a lay-out using FCB. Place the item you want to incorporate on the FCB, trace a rough opening; remove the item and use a ruler to straighten up your lines. Cut with a craft knife and you're good to go.

I decided to make several little niches for this particular collage to incorporate my title...

foam core board007

Painted and glued the letters into each niche then added some clear micro beads for a bit more texture and interest....

foam core board009

By covering the collage with the paint it brings it all together. You forget about the array of colors (of each piece of paper) and makes the images the focal point while emphasising the texture of the specialty papers. It's a great trick to unify any mixed paper collage.

foam core board010

foam core board011

Pretty neat huh?

You know I am so excited about all of the techniques everyone has been asking for. I must say it it is more a boost than you know because many of the techniques requested are in the BOOK!!!

It makes me feel so much better knowing that I have included many techniques that people really want to learn about!

Tomorrow I will post the chapter titles which will give you a bit of a sneak peek into what's included in the book.

I am also going to be starting on some of the requests which aren't in the book so be sure to check back then.

Go create something people!! :)


  1. Wow Roni, you're right about the way painting it unifies all the different textures. It makes the photos pop but adds all that interesting background design. If I can just get past my fear of paint I would try this technique out for sure!


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