Thursday, January 8, 2009

Think Spring....

O.k.o.k. I know I'm pushing it a bit but it's been so cold here for the past few weeks I'm so ready to be done with the cold and snow. We're actually under a snow warning right now and will be until sometime it's really pushing it - LOL!! I've decided to think Spring with a couple tulip tags I made by creating a wrinkle free distress background, stamping and adding stickles!

Stickles - Oct08006

Stickles - Oct08004
The stamps are Darkroom Door which I just love.
They are so realistic and very pretty.
I just found out that the photos for the book will be taken the first week of February sooooo, I've really got to crank out the last few chapter examples. As a result I may only post a couple times a week but I hope you'll still keep checkin in as I've got lots and lots to share :)
Take care friends and stay warm
and if you're getting the snow, stay safe!


  1. This is gorgeous Roni! Hope you stay out of the snow!!

  2. Very pretty! I'm in the same bad weather belt as you are, so I guess I'll just snuggle in and not go anywhere unless I have to.

    Stay warm!

  3. Beautiful tag. I love darkroom door products.

  4. that's so pretty! Stay Warm and cozy! I'm so proud of your dedication and determination for the book. I truly can't wait to get one!

  5. Love the glitz on these, so pretty! wonderful stamp too!

  6. Love them and I am in the snow zone too:) We are getting buried in Ohio. Where are you? Hope you get all you're projects done and you're happy with every single one of them!

  7. Oooooh.... gorgeous. I love the b/g and the Stickles really make the tag. Nice.

    No snow here finally (we had it all through the holidays), but now it's back to cold, damp, rainy, gray winter in Seattle. This weather makes me want to get into flannel jammies and crawl into bed with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book instead of doing the daily things I need to do. LOL

    Stay warm, connected and productive.

    (((( hugs ))))

  8. this is just gorgeous! I see nothing wrong with thinking spring - I am ready - we had another 10 inches of snow fall the past two days! :( Happy New Year!

  9. Beautiful tulips and tags! We've been having weather in the mid-70's here so it feels like Spring even if it isn't. Of course, the midwest is getting hit with record breaking cold so I hope you're bundled up and toasty!
    How exciting that you're almost ready for the book photos. I'm sure you've been hard charging it and the results will be amazing!


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