Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Retro Cafe Art!

I am so excited to be able to share an awesome web-site with you today.

If you haven't guessed already it's called ~

by Kristin Hubick

I found Kristin's site by chance one day while I was crusin' around the net looking for collage goodies. Boy did I ever strike gold here! Kristin specializes in collage sheets and all sorts of items for collage, altered arts and more. It's an awesome place to explore so I contacted her and low and behold she's a Hoosier too!!! Well, right then and there I knew I wanted to share her site with everyone :)

I had a lot of fun admiring Kristin's art so I asked her how long she'd been crafting. Kristen's reply was "I've been arting and crafting since I was a little girl. My first memories growing up include rummaging through my mom's craft room, creating art, and selling it on the corner of our block! Once I sold two pine cones covered with glitter to a man in a limo who said he was on his way to a wedding and was going to give them as gifts! Surely my most memorable sale and I was about 6 years old. I can also recall creating "worry doll" earring and having my mom put an ad in the back of a craft magazine. I only sold one pair, but it was thrilling. It was inevitable that I would have my own site as an adult."

I asked her how Retro Cafe Art go it's start - like so many of us she started with one medium but got sucked in to the black hole of the art world. "I began selling my art on EBay in 2004. Initially, I was selling my retro inspired paintings that often featured coffee cups and "café" style. That is how the name "Retro Café Art Gallery" came about. I soon discovered art cards and was drawn into the world of altered art. When I was younger I often created collages and decoupage items using magazine pictures. I was drawn to the variety in altered art, and the ability to use ephemera and items that some people would consider trash, to give them new life. As my business began to grow, I was determined to have my own space on the web. Retro Café Art Gallery went live February 2008 and I have big plans for the future!" Pretty darn cool huh?

A large part of Retro Cafe Art are the collage sheets. Images of all shapes, sizes and themes. I asked Kristin where she comes up with her ideas for her collage sheets. She replied, "Basically, I select images that I might like to use in my own art, while abiding by copyright laws. Hunting down the vintage ephemera and photos is part of the fun!" she also added, "I have a small selection of collage sheets that I sell through a license I purchased a few years ago, but most of the collage sheets I design myself."

Some of the themes offered include: Fairies & Children; Butterflies, Moths & Birds (great selection of wings here!!); Cabinet Cards and one of my favorites...HALLOWEEN!! Of course there are many more...I just wanted to give you a taste ;) You'll have to explore the rest for yourself.

These collage sheets are available on a variety of materials - Semi-Gloss Paper; Transparency Film; Fabric Sheets; Sticker Paper and Vellum.

If you like to print collage sheets yourself Kristin also offers her sheets in a digital format. You have the option of purchasing Digital 8 1/2" x 11" Sheets; a new Halloween CD including 8 collage pages or a selection of Individual Digital Images.

If you've got a need for a specific collage sheet you don't see on the site, drop Kristin an e-mail. She takes requests and mentioned that some of her favorite sheets were born from special requests!

Now, Retro Cafe Art isn't limited to collage sheets ~ they have an awesome variety of altered art and ATC goodies as well. Kristin is one of the few companies that offer Coffee Break Design Stencils; Shrines and more. R.C.A. also offers a wide variety of other collage items including Vintage Finds; Original Artworks; Antique German Doll Parts; ATC & Inchie Supplies and....well I could go on but I'll let you find out for yourself what else Retro Cafe Arts has in store for you.

Kristin wanted me to be sure and let you know that she is more than happy to ship orders internationally and always charges actual shipping costs. Not something you find everyday let me tell you!

Be sure to stop by their Design Team Gallery and check out the amazing creations from her Design Team!

So, it's time for you to go explore and see what you can see :)

Be sure to report back here because if you tell me what you love


you may just be the lucky winner of one of THREE digital collage sheets

courtesy of

Kristin and Retro Cafe Art!!

You have until November 25th to let me know what you found!

Have a wonderful Day Friends!!


  1. Sounds Really Good, Im going to check it out, Thank you for the information, Jaqi

  2. I've bought several things from Kristen in the past. I LOVE her collage sheets!

  3. Kristin's store rocks! She is a dear dear artist and has great goodies for super prices!!! Love the birdies!!!
    Patti V

  4. I couldn't possibly pick just one! I love Kristins's collage sheets, the little tiny houses are adorable, the clear ATCs are brilliant. But best of all is her service - it's second to none!!!

  5. OMG!!! I just love the Halloween collage sheets. The bird collage sheets are just to die for! Then there's the antique German doll parts and Tim's products..........sorry but I'm on overload....LOL I can't wait to get my hands on all of it!!!

  6. *waving* Hi, Kristin! I, too, am a happy customer of the Retro Cafe. I bought some coffee break stencils and some cool acrylic tags. The service is awesome and I will for sure shop again. It's great to see her shop featured here!


  7. Oh gosh, Kristin's store is full of treasure. I so heart the gorgeous peach & brass vintage pendant but it was sold! I love the collage sheet, so many varities, really spoilt for choice! Vintage Faires, vintages valentine, birds, etc!!!

    And yes, the work of DT & Call on Artists ROCKS!!! Great inspiration for me!

  8. I love ALL the collage sheets. Such stunning images.
    Will have to start shopping there :)

  9. another satisfied existing customer here. Kristin is lovely and her product range is amazing. She always delivers very quickly too - even all the way to England.

  10. My favorite was the Native Americana collage sheet. There were so many great collections though.

  11. Loved ready about Kristin...her shop is amazing, her collage sheets are superb and YES, she does charge ACTUAL shipping costs and she's really good about refunding if the calculator doesn't make the correct change.

    I've been purchasing from Kristin for awhile now and does she make collage sheets to order? Almost to a fault...check out her China doll heads sheet...I asked and she was in the process of making one.

    And don't forget, Kristin sells her own art as well and she makes the most incredible jewelry.

    Happy to see Kris getting the recognition she deserves!

  12. I just purchased the Green Stamps Collage sheet. I remember my mom having me and my younger sister LICK all of those stamps for the books. Love that site.

  13. Kristen has wonderful customer service. My most recent faves are her German dolls, but she carries a lot of pretty cool stuff.
    Bev F

  14. I love the collage sheets-the birds, the houses, the fairies and children-all of the vintage things!!! Choosing one is impossible-but I am running out of birds, and Beautiful birds 3 looks like a fabulous sheet!

  15. I love EVERYTHING that Kristin sells! Could it be because I grew up as a Hoosier? *hee hee*. Some of my favorites include the frozen charlottes.

  16. Wow what a great find! I loved so many things...the doll parts, the shrines and the Tim Holtz Idea-ology.

  17. Kristin is an amazing artist. She has great talent and great diversity. I love visiting her site and everything that Kristin sells...
    especially her collage sheets.

  18. Vintage Halloween is the classic and loved by all.

    ava, cottagerca

  19. ohhhh i love everything about the site. i really love the vintage women and the fairies!!!! the german dolls are so cute!!!

  20. Kirsten has a wonderful supply of goodies. I love the collages in digital format and the vintage dolls and doll parts. ~Denise

  21. I LOVE these collage sheets and would have a real hard time choosing just one. f hard pressed, I would go with the #2 babies sheet - so cute!


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