Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Streuter Glue Film Give-A-Way!

Only 3 days left to enter the Streuter Glue Film Give -A-Way!!!

Be sure to pop in and tell me what you think you'd use this Glue Film for if you won.

The lucky winner will receive 3 sheets of this great new adhesive ~ one each of Clear, Pewter & Black.

Remember you can't win if you don't enter!!


  1. I'd use it to alter some of the microscope slides if I won. I've always wanted to try making them.

  2. I want to try some faux repousse (or however it's spelled - the metal embossing technique)with some alcohol inks and maybe some perfect pearls

  3. I'd use it w/ my die cuts to embellish a wooden cigar box I plan on altering to begin with, who knows where the rest will go !!!

  4. I would use it to alter some glass jars. I am working on glass jars to house pens and pencils in my office.

  5. what would i do with the glue film, i would defintely do an image transfer since i like doing those. i would also cut out a shapes (my idea is two birds) and then use glitter or mica dust over the shape.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!