Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ouch! I think my finger is broke?!?!

i don't know what I did to my index finger but I think it's broke! I was working on some b-day gifts for some friends and when I noticed how tender it was....almost made me want to faint when I bent it. I had noticed it hurt a bit when I was changing cloths around when I was doing laundry but didn't think anything of it. I wonder if I did something to it out at the farm?!?!?

I don't remember doing anything sharp pains or's not real swollen and only a bit red but that could be because I've been messing with it or crafting....Very odd.

Don't you think if it were broke it would swell up or something? It's not bent oddly or just hurts!

I taped it up to see if it would feel better in the a.m....typing is a pain in the... ;)

Just too wierd!


  1. Ouch! I hope it feels better tomorrow. Try some ice and an anti-inflammatory... it might help.

    Can you stamp and type one-handed???

  2. Hope it's nothing that serious! Take Care - Robin

  3. Perhaps you have an infection of some kind - maybe a really tiny splinter got in there. Take care and have it checked out if it is not improved by the morning

  4. thanks everyone!

    I never thought of ice Cat - duh!! Oh yes, luckily it's on my left hand so I can still stamp although it takes a bit of doing to type without mispelling everything... LOL!!

  5. I have tendonitis that flares up every once in a while. Could it be something like that? The only real cure is an anti-inflammatory and rest. Hope your feeling better soon.

  6. Maybe it was those squirt guns and hoses :P Feel better!

  7. Ya that big squirt did it LOL!!!
    So sorry you are in pain...anti-infammatory and rest is my recommendation. You have been doing tons of extra creating maybe it's just extensive use and a little strain. Hope it is better in the AM!

  8. Yup... could be broken.. I've had MANY broken fingers (never do much more than bump them on something) and they usually don't swell much... but I do always get black and blue...

    Keep it taped for a day or two and see how it feels.

    Hope it heals soon!

  9. Hope you heal up very soon.


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