Sunday, July 6, 2008

Karen's Ink Stained Sketch #3 Card

Karen sent me a photo of her take on Ink Stained Sketch #3.... and check it out!! She sent it to me last week but I'm just finding time to post it.
Better late than never :)
Now, I'm not a red person but I have to say that this card is just beautiful!!!
Such an cool twist on the sketch as well :)
Awesome Job Karen!!!
Remember if you create something using one of the Ink Stained Sketches, sent me a photo, link or post the link to your creation in the comments section :)
We'd all love to see what you're doing out there!


  1. Terrific card! interpretation of the sketch!

  2. Karen - Wow! I love it. Well done.

    I love the colors, too. You have a good eye for color. I tend to stick with my comfortable palette - browns and warm tones like orange, yellow, red and gold so I will take some inspiration from you and go create something in a color I would never use like lavender! *smile*


  3. Thanks for the comments! I tried to do something very different from what Roni and Phinny did and came up with this.
    I tend to gravitate toward cool colors like blue and challenge myself to stretch a little and use pastels or brights!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!