Thursday, July 17, 2008

CHA ~ Here I Come!!!


I just got word that a friend is going to get me passes to get in SOOOOOOOO, Eric and I are driving up on Sat. a.m. to go to the show :) YEAH!!!!!!

I am going to take my camera so I'll have LOADS of pics to share with you when I get back :)

I've never been to one but they tell me it's huge...any requests for specific mfg pics? If I'm able I'll get pics of them.

I can't wait ~ I'm so stinkin excited!!!!


  1. Awesome!!! You are one lucky lucky gal!

    I already thought you were going, so I sent you a little 'have fun at CHA' note with my Fat Pages, LOL!

    Must have been some positive thinking going on!

    OK so here is my wish list (be careful what you ask, eh)?:

    1. Wendy V. has some new stamps via Stampers Anon... Could you get some photos of those???? She has been posting sneak peaks.. be great to see the whole stamp(s)!!!
    2. Tim Holtz... A picture of you with him!!!! He is so darn cute, and I don't think I have ever 'seen' you!!!! Anything Tim related would be cool...
    3. How about a Roni's Top Ten Must Haves from CHA???? I love your product reviews...

    Am I being too chatty????

    Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Dance Time!!!! I am so very happy for you Roni! What a treat and well deserved after all your hard work to constantly share new things with us!!
    I t-totally trust that you know the kind of inky and stamping things that we would enjoy...I love Andi's suggestion of Roni's Top 10 to buy soon list! As well check out brand new companies (I think I read before that the newbies are in a seperate area) for sharing with us in your feature stories...I really enjoy those alot! Happy, fun times!!!
    Can't wait to see your posts when you return!...Jan

  3. As a Scot I am afraid I don't know what CHA is, but from what I have read I am guessing it's a major craft trade event in the USA. Congrats on getting passes - I am sure you will have a blast and it seems to me only fitting that someone who shares so much on her blog deserves a treat like this. Have a lovely time and tell us all about it when you get back.

  4. Thanks Guys!!!

    LOL...maybe it was your good vibes Andi!!!

    I'll definately check out SA!!
    Too funny about a pic with Tim ~ I've got one from our DT Ranger U but I'll try to get a new one :)

    Top 10 sounds great!!! I'm taking my digital so I'll have LOADS of pics I'm sure ;)

    Phree - yes, CHA is the Craft & Hobby Association - they have 2 conventions a year where all the mfg. debut their new goodies and new mfg. show their wares. I can't wait!

  5. Yayyyyyyy! We HAVE to meet up while you're there! I'll be driving up early tomorrow and leaving Sunday afternoon. :) Off to email you my cell #!



    Just go, take it all in, take pics, come home and collapse and then tell us ALL ABOUT IT!

  7. Holy Crap, Roni!!! WOW!!!!!! Please...if you can...get me t!m's autograph!! :D (seriously!!)

    You have a terrific time and take lots of pics. Please post all that you can!!



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